Taco ’bout a good time! Our second annual FoodFest was a dream with tacos so delicious there wasn’t a bite leftover.  As always, a great party is made possible by the people. We have so many folks to thank, including all of you who turned out. ICYMI: the winner of


It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month and we have an endless amount of appreciating to do for our incredible team of volunteers. Please join us in celebrating all the wonderful volunteers in our lives. FARM HANDS KAREN DALEY Mindy Rider, food production supervisor said, “Karen has volunteered consistently with our farm program since she

The Applicant’s Burden

By Luis Campos, Immigration Attorney, The Alliance of Idaho Persecution, we have repeatedly held is an extreme concept that means something considerably more than discrimination or harassment.  – Sharma v Garland in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 20-70238 (2021) Because it is an extreme concept, persecution does not include

Festival De Mole

The Hunger Coalition está encantado de organizar nuestro primer Mole Fest anual el 11 de junio para unir culturas en la celebración de este plato. Estamos buscando cinco chefs para competir en esta competencia de Mole. Si desea ser chef, comuníquese con Dolores Vega, supervisora ​​de recursos y defensa,

Join us for MoleFest

Mole is a Mexican soul food originating in Oaxaca that’s often made of nuts, chili, special herbs and spices. The Hunger Coalition is thrilled to be hosting our first annual MoleFest on June 11 from 4-7 p.m. to bring cultures together in celebration of this dish. Event Details:Open to the public. Five guest


Longtime Hunger Coalition Volunteer & Legend, Nan Riley, left an impression on everyone she met. Amy, Rachel, Naomi , and Sophie from our team share their favorite memories of our friend… From Amy Mares, warehouse coordinator“Nan was special to me. I miss the days where we would set up

In the News

It is an honor to work with storytellers locally and nationally to raise awareness of food insecurity in Blaine County, and what The Hunger Coalition is doing to address it. Check out the following links to get the inside scoop of what we’re up to! Two Sides To Every

Community Compost Project

A collaboration with the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVIR) to increase local composting efforts through education, hands-on experience, and food waste diversion using a state of the art aerobic composting machine, the Biospeed M1. Which we’ve officially named Chomp Chomp. The composter was made possible by an anonymous