The Hunger Coalition’s team is made up of leaders, dreamers, teachers, farmers, advocates, human calculators, health professionals, cooks, and artists with a shared goal: to make Blaine County a better place for all people. Get to know these trailblazing do-gooders below and contact us to learn more.

Silvia I. Romero

Participant Resource Coordinator

Pronouns:S he/Her What’s your role/what do you do @ THC? I listen to the community and connect

Rosaura Robles-Gomez

People and Culture Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her  What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?My role at The Hunger Coalition is to

Rocio Olivas Johnson

Operations Supervisor

Pronouns: She/Her What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?My primary job is to warmly welcome

Rachel Shinn

Director of People and Culture

PronounsShe/Her My job as HR Manager is (actually, really, I promise) super fun because I get

Naomi Spence

Co-Executive Director

aka The Glue aka Striving to achieve magical unicorn status every day  PronounsShe/Her I have the

Mindy Rider

Food Production Supervisor

I am the Food Production Coordinator. This means I get to spend my days with dirt

Melanie Weber

Food Production Coordinator

Pronouns: She/ Her/ Ella As a member of the Food Production team I work to grow

Megan Schooley

Youth and Advocacy Manager

PronounsShe/Her I pretty much have the best job ever. I get to work with our inspiring,

Lynea Newcomer

Director of Strategic Initiatives

aka fence-leaning chit-chat specialist PronounsShe/Her I am a soil and community food steward who manages food

Kristin McMahon

Communications Manager

aka story farmer, fun-draiser, Mac PronounsShe/Her I take all that’s beautiful, powerful, and fun at The

Krista Felton

Director of Philanthropy

Pronouns She/Her  Who is your food justice hero? I’ve more recently been super inspired by Amber Stott

Jessica Molina

Advocacy Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her What does food justice mean to you? Food justice to me means Families being

Jennifer Rangel

Participant Resource Manager

What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?Participant Resource CoordinatorIn short words, my role consists of

Jane Lopez

Community Organizing Supervisor

Pronouns: She/Her What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?Community Organizing Supervisor Who is your Food or

Dolores Vega

Participant and Resource Coordinator

PronounsShe/Her/Ella What’s your role/what do you do @ THC? My role is to be a voice

Chloe Lichtenberg

Youth and Education Coordinator

PronounsShe/Her  What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?I am the Bloom Youth Project Coordinator! I

Brooke Pace McKenna

Co-Executive Director

aka master troubleshooter aka human computer Pronounsshe/her I oversee HR, Finance, IT, Data/Statistics/Program Analysis, Operations, Fundraising

Bridget Posson

Development Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her What’s your role/what do you do @ THC? I do a lot of behind the

Blanca Romero

Program Manager

What is your role/what do you do at THC? My official title is Program Manager. I

Anthony Depauw

Warehouse/Maintenance Coordinator

Pronouns: He/Him What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?Warehouse operations/address maintenance issues as they arise