Congrats to Ashley, Lourdes, Kimberlyn, Cesar, and Angel! In October, we celebrated these five remarkable young people at the Bloom Youth Project graduation ceremony. Sending our deepest gratitude to this incredible team and to their families who are an important part of the Bloom fabric.

What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable?

“Banana, because it’s so versatile, you can use it to make bread, or put it into a yogurt parfait, or you can use the peel to prank someone.”

What do you love most about our community?

“I love that my community is able to come together when change has to happen. So many people want to help our community grow and improve, and it’s awesome to see them so interested and hopeful for the future. “

What’s your favorite part of Bloom Youth Project?

“Being able to help others through many different ways, for example the markets that bring affordable food to the community.”

What’s your favorite food memory?

“Eating Quesadillas with mushrooms even though I didn’t like them, the team and I challenged ourselves to give them another try.”

What are you most excited to learn this year at BYP?

“I’m excited to learn about a good work environment, as it is my first job. I know BYP is a safe space and will teach me a lot for the future.”

What’s your favorite part of Bloom Youth Project?

“Seeing people happy, or seeing my co-workers everyday. Bloom means a lot to me and I like that we help people, as well as the kindness at Bloom.”

Thanks to the generous support of donors who made this tremendous growth possible.