Our gardens and greenhouses connect our community over the joy of growing good food. Through education and agriculture, these feel-good growing spaces help inspire a resilient future for all members of Blaine County.

The Hope Garden, located next to the courthouse in Hailey, offers engagement June through September: volunteer sessions (take home fresh produce!), education sessions, and is always open to the public dawn to dusk to walk through. 

Our greenhouses and Bloom Center gardens are located at 110 Honeysuckle in Bellevue. At this site we also offer volunteer and education engagement February through November. 

Check back with us in February 2024 when more opportunities to grow with us will come up or signup here to volunteer.

Every year we host a number of school groups and organizations who want to learn more about what we do or use our spaces as a backdrop for their own events. Click here if you want to bring a group to our growing spaces.

To steward the gardens, we engage in attentive, care-full practices: permanent beds and no tillage, cover crops, mulch, compost, native species incorporation, and only use of certified organic inputs and disease/pest management. We aspire to continue learning and holistic care.

Where does the food go? To volunteers, to education sessions, to our Children’s Food Programs, to Community meals and more!

Special thanks to Blaine County for donating the space for The Hope Garden.