Taco ’bout a good time! Our second annual FoodFest was a dream with tacos so delicious there wasn’t a bite leftover. 

As always, a great party is made possible by the people. We have so many folks to thank, including all of you who turned out.

ICYMI: the winner of the cooking competition and Golden Taco Award was …… Team Claudia who edged out the rest with their Tacos de Birria.

The judges said, “it came down to the addition of salsa and lime to boost the overall flavor of this taco. This team had the best presentation.”

Of course, it was a fierce competition and the judges’ job was not easy. They said of Team Maria de los Angeles’ Tacos de Lengua and Tacos de Carne Asada, “The taste lingered on our tongue; this taco had the best meat with a char flavor.” And Team Hilda Perez who dished up amazing Tacos de Bistec that were described as, “A very welcoming dish; we loved the simplicity of the taco.”

Special thanks to the following people and local businesses who made the event one for the books. 

Maria Hernandez

Eric Medina 

Johnny Servin

Abby Servin

Kevin Jones

Team Claudia Adame

Team Maria de los Angeles

Team Hilda Perez

Nathalie Carrillo

Jocelyn Guzman Mendoza

Angel Campos

Sun Valley Museum of Art 

Miguel “Maico” Angel Almeida

Manny’s Rentals

Dirce Flores and the Mexican folk dance class

Janice Moulton 

Alex McPherson 

Ro Coupe 

Tony Knapp

Thomas Andrews 

Darin Gillespie 

Jay Graham

Dark2Light Productions 

Charlotte Unger 

Amanda Deaver

Deb Van Law 

Deb Robertson

DJ Luis Lopez

Ashley Casas

Cesar Hurtado 

Angel Cahuana 

Wood River Ranch Beef

Wood River Tortilla Factory

The Hunger Co. Staff & Family

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