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It is an honor to work with storytellers locally and nationally to raise awareness of food insecurity in Blaine County, and what The Hunger Coalition is doing to address it. Check out the following links to get the inside scoop of what we’re up to! Two Sides To Every

Community Compost Project

A collaboration with the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience (SVIR) to increase local composting efforts through education, hands-on experience, and food waste diversion using a state of the art aerobic composting machine, the Biospeed M1. Which we’ve officially named Chomp Chomp. The composter was made possible by an anonymous

2021 Summer Schedules

We’re thrilled to resume our summer programming! Check out the links below to find full summer schedules.Questions? Call us at 208-788-0121 for more information. Bloom Food Truck & Bookmobile Fresh Food Markets Double-Up Bucks Volunteer 4 Veggies Food Pantry

¡Gracias a Todos!

*header mural by Key Detail on the East Wall of Bloom Community Food Center Choca los cinco por organizar una semana increíble de fiestas, se necesita una alineación increíble de personas que te ayuden. La semana pasada, fuimos bendecidos con eso. Desde chefs y artistas, organizadores, voceros, guías turísticos


*header mural by Key Detail on the East Wall of Bloom Community Food Center High fives all around ? To host an awesome week of parties, you need an awesome lineup of people to help. Last week, we were blessed with just that. From chefs and artists, organizers, spokespeople, tour


We weren\’t sure how it would go down, or if we could even host a celebration with regard to the pandemic, but with strong vaccination rates and a lot of room to space out, we are thrilled to invite you to watch five beautiful murals go up on the

In Support of The Safe Communities Resolution

The Safe Communities Resolution was developed by local advocate, Luis Lecanda to end collaboration between local police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Safe Communities Resolution falls directly in line with the mission, vision and values of The Hunger Coalition, and will help make our community more

Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we celebrate our volunteers who have graciously dedicated themselves to ensuring there’s access to fresh, nutritious food for all people in Blaine County. Sadly, to honor health and safety measures through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to pause our volunteer program to limit contact with one

From the Field: August

By Lynea Petty, Food Production Manager Whew! First things first – just like the vegetables need more water in these temperatures, so do you! Stay hydrated and keep yourself sun protected! Out at Bloom Farm, we are harvesting what I like to call ‘all the heavy stuff’. This means:

From the Field: July

By Lynea Petty, Food Production Manager Summer is here and I am late with this post! Out at Bloom Farm, we are harvesting lots and also continue to notice the difference between in-town Hailey growing, versus Quigley Canyon growing. Point being: what I write here is simply a guideline,