Dolores Vega

resource and advocacy supervisor

What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?

My role is to be a voice for the ones who are needing it so we can share in the food, but most of all to listen when no words are spoken.

What does food justice mean to you? Food is a way of showing love to others and the way we keep communication with one another as humans. It is so important it keeps me happy and brings joy to my life and my loved ones to share a meal.

Who is your Food or Social Justice Hero? Farmers of the world who keep planting crops and replanting even when the mother nature comes in and freezes the crops, they keep on planting. They don’t give up! Can you imagine if a long time ago people stopped planting? We would be without food. It is a lost art as it is. The newer generations are not as good of gardeners as our ancestors and they did not have the technology we have now.

Favorite snack from The Hope Garden? Cherry Tomatoes are the best thing I have ever had in my life, they melted in my mouth! Teo and the Women’s Group ladies were watering the plants and I saw a baby yellow tomato. I put in my mouth and added a pinch of cilantro and a pinch of chive and I was in heaven. Jummy.