Since the COVID-19 outbreak hit town and increased the need for emergency food threefold, you stepped up to ensure everyone in our community has the food they need to persevere. A million times thanks to the businesses, individuals, and groups who have donated to our emergency response.

*COVID-19 Gifts given between March 16th 2020 and November 30th 2020


5B Fruit LLC
7 Fuego
Accord Capital Management
Allen & Company
Al’s Sustainable Mercantile
Aspen Roofing LLC
Atkinsons’ Markets
Backwoods Mountain Sports
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Big Rock Construction LLC
Bigwood Bread
Blaine County Charitable Fund
Blaine County Commissioners
Blaine County School District
Branching Out Nursery
Broschofsky Galleries
CK’s Real Food
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation
Cavallo Custom Woodworks
Charlie’s Produce
Clearwater Power Equipment
Clif Bar
Club Ride Apparel
Cold Springs Crossing
Cookbook Restaurant
Costco Twin Falls
Cox Communications
Crum & Forster
Domino’s Pizza
Double A Dairy
Engel & Volkers Sun Valley
Ernie’s Organics
Family Medicine & Wellness
First Lite, LLC
Five Bee Hives
Flora School Education Center
Flourish Foundation
Galena Lodge
Gazelle, Inc.
Glanbia Nutritionals
Goldman Sachs
Grabher Construction
Guaranteed Rate
H.D. Fowler Company
HP Inc.
Hailey Coffee Company
Hangar Bread
The Haven
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation
Hotel Ketchum
Idaho Foodbank
Idaho Hunters Feeding the Hungry
Idarado Media
Intermountain Gas Company
James M. Cox Foundation
Jay Hedrick Painting
Jill Eshman Law
J. McLaughlin
J.W. Thornton Wine Imports
Keller Williams Realty Sun Valley
Ketchum Innovation Center
Ketchum Kitchens
Ketchum Kustom Woodworks

Ketchum/SV Rotary
Knife River Corporation
Knob Hill Inn
Lago Azul
Liberty Mutual
Lifestyle- Kristol Designs
Limelight Hotel
Lookout Farm
Lunceford Excavation
MDU Construction Services Group
MDU Resources Foundation
Mahoney’s Bar & Grill
Mason Family Restaurants
Matt Bogue Real Estate
McIntosh Enterprises
Micron Foundation
The Mint
Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.
Moonshine Boutique
Mountain Humane
Mountain Rides
Native Landscapes
Natural Grocers
Nourish Me
Pacific Source Charitable Foundation
Paul Kenny & Matt Bogue Real Estate
Perry’s Restaurant
Piedaho Bakery
Pioneer Federal Credit Union
Pioneer Saloon
POWER Engineers
RBC Wealth Management
R & R Home Repair LLC
The Red Shoe
Rico’s Pizza and Pasta
River Farm
Rocky Mountain Hardware
SFP Jewels
The Sawtooth Club
Scape Design Studio, Inc.
SERVPRO Twin Falls
SERVPRO Wood River Valley
Silver Creek Hotel
Snake River Seed Cooperative
Squash Blossom Farm
Stephanie Reed Real Estate
Summit Rock
Sun Valley Closet Company
Sun Valley Community School
Sun Valley Culinary Institute
Sun Valley Institute
Sun Valley Resort
Susan Hall Design
United Way of South Central Idaho
Valley Apothecary
Vault, LLC
WBI Entery Inc.
Wood River Insurance
The Wrap Rockery
Zabala Construction

Individuals, Foundations, & Groups:

Anonymous Donors (200)
100 Men Who Care
Abbie and Chris Mallory
Abby Leija
Abby Turk
Adam and Shanna Angel
Adrian Norris
AGL Foundation in the Whitefish Community Foundation
Al and Kathy Oliver
Alain and Karla Rinckwald
Alan and Julia Richardson
Alan and Mary Hogg
Alan White and Lynn Townsend-White
Alexandra Babalis
Alexandra K. Black
Alexandra Neeley Geary
Ali Perrapato
Alisa McGowan
Alison Lufkin
Alison Neeley
Alison Smart
Allan and Claire Snyder
Allen and Anita Tigert
Allen and Diana Russell
Allen Jones and Rebecca Michael
Alli Frank and Scott Pinizzotto
Allison and Dan Gingrich
Allyson Rust
Alysia May
Amanda Breen
Amanda Deaver and Thomas Andrews
Amara Hecht and Bill Holderman
Amber and Mike Mattias
Amber Busuttil-Mullen
Ambrose Monell Foundation
Amy and Joel Brazil
Amy and Rob Landis
Amy and Rob Swanson
Amy Bianco
Amy Drumm
Amy Mattias
Amy Trujillo
Andrea and David Reid
Andrea Nelson and Rod Harten
Andrew and Betsy Weil
Andrew Pfeiffer
Andrew Schwartz
Andy and Kate Parnes
Andy Munter and Janet Kellam
Anita Braker and Dave Olsen
Ann and Irwin Sentilles
Ann and William Vanderbilt
Ann Cavanaugh
Ann Down
Ann Leonardo
Anna Jenny
Anne Aganon and Gordon Cavanaugh
Anne and Lanny McLean
Anne and Mike Brunelle
Anne DeAngelo
Anne Kalik
Annie Pokorny
April and Robert Macleod
Arnold and Susan Blair
Arthur and Ellen Rubinfeld
Arthur Anderson
Asa Chandler
Ashley Knox
August Paige Dempsey
Austin Cobb
Ava Nye
Avery Shawler
Bags and Kerry Brokaw
Baird and Chelle Gourlay
Bald Mountain Rescue Fund
Barbara and Charles Corwin
Barbara and Chip Angle
Barbara and David Rognlien
Barbara and Richard Shelton
Barbara and Stanley Zax
Barbara and Stephen Gerrish
Barbara Boswell and Harold Robinson
Barbara Capik
Barbara Kruse
Barbara Kuhn
Barbara Sawicz
Barbara Slough
Barbara Spafford
Barbara Stoll and Michael Baser
Barbara Timmons
Barbara Tropea
Barbara Williams
Barbara, Joel, and Tucker Bickell
Barbi Reed
Barrett Molter
Barry and Patty Boydstun
Bart Gallant
Bart Lassman and Evan Stelma
Barton and Melina Burdette
Bayard Brokaw
Becca and Jeremiah Splaine
Becky Benson
Becky Madrigal
Ben Bainbridge
Ben Gilman
Ben and Hilary Sinnamon
Ben and Jan McCoy-Armstrong
Ben and Robin Story
Ben Flandro
Ben McCoy
Ben Rumery
Bergen Palmer
Betsy and Bob Reniers
Betsy Sise
Betty and David Bell
Betty and Peter Gray
Beverley Robertson
Biche Rudigoz
Bill Hughes
Bil Summers
Bill and Carrie Morrow
Bill and Lynn Kronberger
Bill and Mindy Bush
Bill and Sue Kirby
Bill Leyrer
Bill Schliiter and Gloria Kimball
Bill Sundali
Blaine County Charitable Fund
Blank Family Foundation
Bob and Barb Grabowski
Bob and Judy Pittman
Bob and Linda Edwards
Bob Jonas and Sarah Michael
Bob, Fran, and James Steiner
Bob Ziebarth
Bobbi Filbert
Bobbie Boyer
Brack Hale
Brad Matthews
Brandy Rosenberg
Brenda and Al Hackel
Brenda Powell
Brenda Rich
Brent and Bev Robinson
Brent Barsotti
Brett and Kate Ballbach
Brett Stevenson
Brian and Dawn Webber
Brian and Sandra Caulkins
Brian Barth
Brian Ross
Brian Ross and Susan Reinstein
Bridget Noonan
Bright Funds Foundation
Brock and Alissa Weber
Bronwen Raff
Brooke Fullmer
Bruce and Ann Blume
Bruce and Kelly Martin
Bruce Norvell
Bruce Weiner
Buck Drew and Becky Klassen
Burke Family
Burton Reno
Buzz and Penny Coe
Caitlin Dull McCarthy
Caitlin Forsthoefel
Calista and Tim Carter
Calysta and Matt Phillips
Camille and Adam Elias
Camron Newton
Candace and Richard Emsiek
Candace Ireland
Carey and John Dondero
Carl and Barbara Browning
Carlos A. Cordeiro Foundation
Carlyn Ring
Carmen and Jim Ward
Carol and David Mutzel
Carol and Les Shanahan
Carol Brown
Carol Cole and James Rineholt
Carol Eleazer and John Kelley
Carol Iwanaga
Carol Matkins
Carol Monteverde
Carol Scheifele and Ben Holmes
Carol Tessier
Carole Klein
Caroline and David Selman
Caroline Kittle
Carolyn and Donald Benson
Carolyn and John Lloyd
Carolyn Gruver
Carolynn Fuller
Carolyn Wicklund
Caryn and Robert Tyre
Casey Hanrahan
Cate Robinson
Cathy Allen
Cathy and Bob Curran
Cathy Kurtz
Cathy Swink
Chad Matteson
Char Roth
Charlene and Bruce Malone
Charles Babcock
Charlie Lockhart
Charlie S Baser
Charlotta and Scott Harris
Charlotte Tracy
Charlotte Unger
Chase Millemann
Cheryl and Joe Knight
Cheryl Morse
Chester and Patricia Potuzak
Chichester duPont Foundation
Chipper and Bill Joseph
Chris and Carrie Hilleary
Chris and Holley duPont
Chris and Hollie Roberts
Chris and Sasha Heinz
Chris Freeze
Chris Perkins-Lurie
Christie and David Vik
Christina Healy and Chaney
Christine and Randall Bracher
Christine Ferguson
Christine Schnebly
Christine Warjone
Christopher Marshall and Cynthia Carroll
Christopher Millspaugh
Chrysopolae Foundation
Chuck and Judy Webb
Cindy and George Kirk
Claire Casey
Claudia Aulum and Ralph Pavone
Claudia Fiaschetti
Claudia McCain
Clayton and Susan Simmers
Colleen and Mischa Potuzak
Collett Pruitt
Connie Cox and Anthony Price
Connie Smith
Cooper Evans
Cora Thomas
Corey Graham
Courtney Hamilton
Courtney Jelaco
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund for Idaho in the Idaho Community Foundation
Craig and Sandra Hill
Craven Young and Karen Oswalt
Croy Canyon Fund to Benefit Blaine County Seniors
Cynthia Langlois
Dagmar and Ray Salmon
Dan and Jodie Hunt
Dan and Karen Dunn
Dan and Micki Chapin Fund
Dan and Paula Gualtieri
Dan and Stacey Levitan
Danae Commons
Daniel and Barbara Hurlbutt
Daniel and Sandra Dahl
Daniel Whipp and Maggie Blair
Daniel and Megan Nye
Daniela Anguita
Danielle and Kenton Carruth
Danny and Julie Frank
Danny Gariepy
Darcy Van Steelant and Elizabeth Crawford
Daryl and Mary Fauth
Dave and Jill Hitchin
David and Chrissy Johnson
David and Colleen Kassner
David and Georgia Hutchinson
David and GwenCarol Holmes
David and Judy Becker
David and Lexa Ayer
David and Maggie Sturdevant
David and Susan Weil
David and Trish Wilson
David Singer- Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
David Steckel
Dayle Ohlau
Deanna Melin
Deb and Bennett Healy
Deb and Robert Gilbert
Debbie Greenberg
Debbie Oneida
Deborah and Jason Brickley
Deborah Knapp
Deborah Petersen
Deborah Vignes
Debra and David Town
Debra and Jack Levin
Debra and Marybeth Flower
Debra Dawahare
Dede and Steven Huish
Dell-Ann and Thomas Benson
Denis McNamara
Denise de Lisser Cordovano
Denise Shull
Denise Simone and Greg Cappel
Dennis and Barbara Coleman
Dennis Higman
Dennis McNamara
Diana and John Ellison
Diana and Rick Filkins
Diana Hoover
Diana Landis
Diana Wadsack
Diane Banta
Diane Hartogensis
Diane Nini
Dick and Diana Fassino
Dick Barker
Dominick Erlebach
Don and Marcia Liebich
Don and Maureen Baker
Donna Allen
Donna Svei
Dori Madsen
Doug and Ann Taylor
Doug and Dydra Cleven
Doug and Linda Clemens
Doug Leone and Patti Perkins-Leone
Douglas and Rebecca Obletz
Dr. Gene Branum
Drew Kirk
Duke Wasteney
Dwight Develyn
Dyer Family Foundation
Earl and Sue Cohen
Earl and Sue Engleman
Ed and Carmen Northen
Ed and Jane Grimes
Ed and Vickie O’Gara
Edward Forman and Janet Swanberg
Elaine and John French
Elaine Harfst
Elaine Redman
Eleanor and John Ward
Elise Lufkin
Elissa Eva
Elissa Flandro
Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
Elizabeth Brennan
Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Marino
Elizabeth Van Leuven
Elizabeth Wallace and Frederick Allington
Ellen Fastow
Elli and Jerry Bernacchi
Ellie Ellis
Ellison Foundation
Emilee Baine
Emilie and Zach Crist
Emily and Charley Sentilles
Emmy Blechmann
Eric Rogers and Eleanor Jewett
Erin and Maeve O”Toole
Erin and Neil Clark
Esther Boyd
Everett and Mary Davis
Fernanda and Donald Sammis
Firestone Von Winterfeldt Family Fund
Ford Van Fossan
Fran Ripsom
Frances and Mike Hawkey
Frances Hickey
Frank and Karen Willey
Fred and Jill Vogel
Fred and Randi Filoon
Fruehling Family Charitable
Gabrielle and Justin Diedrick
Gadrie Edmunds and David Keir
Gail Kearns
Gardner Cord
Gary and Anne Borman
Gary and Constance Hoffman
Gary and Nancy Goodenough
Gary and Patricia Darman
Gary Zack
Gay and Steve Riley
Gay Odmark
Gay Weake and Jay Cassell
Gayle and Alan Stevenson
Gayle Bowman
Gene and Alexandra Abrams
Gene and Elsie Cheston
Gene and Sharon Steiner
Geoffrey John Isles Charitable Fund
Geoffrey Wells
George and Kathy Gibson
George and Leslie Hume
George Osborne
Geri Herbert
Gerri Pesch
Gerry and Kaye Kearns
Gerry Morrison and Julie Weston
Gina and Robert Poole
Ginny Blakeslee Breen and Michael Breen
Glad To Be Here Foundation, Inc.
Glen Miller
Glenn Hunter
Gloria and Doug Brown
Goldman Sachs
Good Works Institute
Gordon Pollock and Jill Gosden
Graham Smith and Karen McNeill
Grayden and Heather Burnett
Greenstein Family Foundation
Greg and Jennifer Sherwood
Greg and Marcia Hines
Greg Clark
Greg Moore
Gregg and Janet Falcone
Gregg Farrell
Gregg Hedin
Greta Hansen
Gretchen Wagner and Erik Leidecker
Gretchen Weber
Gun Taylor
GW and Elizabeth Bischoff
Gwynn and Mitch August
H.D. Zimmer
H. Martin Smith III
H.L. and Barbara Knowles
Hannah and Sam Young
Hannah Carrigan
Hans Sohlstrom and Nancy Kercheval
Harry and Shirley Hagey
Hartley Rogers and Amy Falls
Hayley Vanbragt
Heath Shexnider
Heather Colvin
Heather Johns and Jennifer Smith
Heather Myrick-Arnold and Ben Arnold
Heather Uptmor
Heidi Campbell and Eric Younger
Heidi Frosch
Heidi Schiers
Heidi Stearns
Helen Stone and Ben Schepps
Helios Foundation
Henry Raff
Herb and Charlotte Alexander
Heron Family Foundation
Hetty Morgan
Hillary and Kirk Anderson
Holcomb Family Fund
Hollyn and Sean Martin
HRH Foundation
Ingri Millemann
Ivana Loomis
J. Eric Bartko
Jack and Kristie Kohl
Jack McNamara
Jackson Bates
Jacqueline and Michael Swan
Jacqueline and Ralph Harris
Jacqueline and Thomas Watson
Jacqui Terra
Jake and Ruth Bloom
Jake and Trina Peters
James and Ellen Gillespie
James and Jamie Loyd
James and Jeanne Welch
James and Jennifer Forese
James and Joy Zimmerman
James and Mary Gandolfi
James and Sally Will
James and Wendy Drasdo
James Hook
James Loyd and Jamie Marks-Loyd
James McElveen & Jill Brennan
James Nemecek
Jami Grassi
Jami Lettice
Jamie and Andrea Lieberman
Jan and Bob Main
Jan and Gerry Burrell
Jan and Mike Turzian
Jan Philipsborn and Mitch Hollins
Jana and Jeff Foushee
Jana Fitzpatrick
Jane and John McCamy
Jane and Mark Williams
Jane Conner
Jane Dettwiler
Jane Hocking
Jane Letourneau and John Frey
Janet and John Barton
Janet and Lynn Askew
Janet and Roger DeBard
Janet Augustus
Janet Carter and Charlie Meyer
Janet and James Mayfield
Janet Schaumburg
Janet Sommer
Janet Wygle and Barry Luboviski
Janice and Thomas Barrett
Janie Rothschild
Janie Tillotson
Jared Smith
Jason and Leslie Vontver
Jason Buck
Jay and Patricia Dorr
Jay Graham and Eileen Hansen
Jay Miller
Jean and Nick Latham
Jean Enersen
Jeanene Parker
Jeanne and Bill Landreth
Jeanne and Jacob Greenberg
Jeanne and Michael Lynch
Jeanne and Tom Liston
Jeanne Gadd
Jeanne Meyers
Jeff and Becquel Smith
Jeff and Diane Cordes
Jeff and Jamie London
Jeff and Kim Seely
Jeff and Sherry Steinberg
Jeff Lamoureux and Deb Robertson
Jeff Oak
Jeff Stedman
Jeff Walker
Jeffrey Goldstein
Jeffrey S Jones
Jenna Hall
Jennifer and Gary Bellinger
Jennifer Barth
Jennifer Hulbert-Hortman
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Terra
Jenny and Graham Guest
Jeri Waxenberg Wolfson
Jerrot, Britt, Remington, and Rickson Willard
Jerry and MaryBeth Mitchell
Jerry and Sheila Mells
Jerry Edelbrock and Jeri Howland
Jesse and Sarah Lurie
Jessica and Joel Bejot
Jessica Shore
Jill and Jimmy Brennan
Jill and Mark Eshman
Jill Freeman
Jill Payette and Marc Corney
Jill Swanger
Jim and Alison Luckman
Jim and Candy Funk
Jim and Wendy Jaquet
Jim and Willa McLaughlin
Jim Feldbaum and Melinda Lebowitz
Jim Perkins
Jim Slanetz and Karin Reichow
Jo and Bill Lowe
Joan and Richey Wyatt
Joan Anderson
Joan Noonan
Joanne and Dick Wetherell
Jody and Chris Zarkos
Jody Moss
Joe Miczulski and Angie Rayborn
Joe Poole
Joel and Pam Jarolimek
John and Annelle Ballbach
John and Betsy Ashton
John and Carla Garrison
John and Cherie Morris Family Foundation
John and Danni Dean
John Geiger
John and Diane Kahm
John and Elizabeth Stevenson
John and Gina Wolcott
John and Katie MacCarthy
John and Lynn Archer
John and Margund Haskell
John and Pam Beckert
John and Pamela Beckert Family Foundation
John and Peggy Baker – Baker Family Fund in the Spur Community Foundation
John and Sarah Matthews
John and Shari Behnke Charitable Fund
John and Susan Galgano
John and Tracy Lee
John and Tracy Lee
John and Valdi Pace
John Calvert and Alice Arnold Calvert
John Grabow
John Hunnewell
John and Barbara Lehman
John Milner and Kim Taylor
John Moreland
John Reynolds
John Shepardson
John and Elizabeth Stevensonf
John W. Bailey and Grace Harvey
Johnson Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Jon and Leslie Maksik
Jon and Susan Dolgen
Jon Paris Nicholson
Jon Zeitlin
Jonathan & Nancy Hamill
Jonathan and Susan Dolgen Family Foundation
Jonathan Blacher
Jordan Jadallah
Joseph and Elizabeth Miczulski
Joseph and Sue Richards
Joseph Hagerty
Joseph Weiss
Josh Johnson
Joyce Friedman
JR and Katrina McNeal
Jude and Julia Damasco
Jude Hawkes and Charlie Pomeroy
Judith Milazzo
Judith Teller and David Kaye
Judy and Kevin Cahill
Judy Jellinek
Juli and Rich Evans
Julie and Brian Gallagher
Julie and Brian Gallagher
Julie and Edward Weil
Julie and Jeff Ward
Julie and Preston Sargent
Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation
Julie Bell and Anthony Anderson
Julie Brewer
Julie Daniels and Tom West
Julie Firestone
Julie Fox Jones
Julie Galbos
Julie Gulick
Julie Olson
Julie Stanek
Julie Swenke
June and Frank Ornelas
June Lane and Ralph Johnson
Justin Hotard and Maureen Ryan
Justin Schug

Karen and Carter Cox
Karen and Charles Bohlke
Karen and Gregory Levin
Karen Bliss
Karen Brown
Karen Curry
Karen Morrison and William Amaya
Karen Robertson
Karen Scott
Karin Knott
Kasey and Peter Atkinson
Kate Geagan
Kate Wutz
Katherine Bain
Katherine Bridwell
Katherine McMackin
Kathleen Alley
Kathleen and Don Haisley
Kathleen and Richard Gariepy
Kathleen Deeter
Kathleen Felesina
Kathleen Lee
Kathleen Magee
Kathleen Phelan and Jim Britt
Kathryn and Mike Cummings
Kathryn and Tim Graves
Kathryn Doherty & Seth Goodwin
Kathryn Keefer Reynolds
Kathryn Kempton
Kathryn Schneider and Greg Swanson
Kathryn Woods and Richard Paris
Kathy and Joel BostromKathy and John Percival
Kathy and Terry Roth
Kathy Boylston
Kathy Grotto
Kathy Wilsey
Katie Powell
Katie Rousey
Katie Schatz
Katie Wilson McBreen
Katrina and Karl Nichols
Keith and Laurie Roark
Keith Cook
Kelley Weston and Kiki Diepenbrock
Kelly and Gary Maxwell
Kelly Bird and Bob Lynch
Kelly Coonce
Ken Goldstein
Ken Luplow and Patty McCarrick
Kenneth and Morgan Martin
Kenneth Lewis and Joyce Hart
Keri York
Kerri Everett
Kerry Brust
Kerry Funkhouser
Kevin and Jennifer Embree
Kevin Harlander
Kevin Jewett
Kevin Stilling
Kiki Tidwell
Killebrew-Thompson Memorial
Kim and Dan Fairman
Kim and Robert Shaw
Kim and Ross Donald
Kim Lock
Kim Neill and Robert Wright
Kimberly and Charles Ellwanger
Kimberly and Jay Dietz
Kimrick Dolson
Kirk and Kathryn Riedinger
Kirsten Ritzau
Krista Detwiler
Kristen Bryson
Kristen Daley
Kristin Barsotti
Kristin Bevers
Kristin Farrell
Kristin Kefer
Kristin McMahon
Kristin Orr
Kristine and Stan Baty
Kristine Bretall
Kristine Wiitala
Krystal Swank
Laila Richard
Lance Matthews
Landon Fowler
L’Anne and Nick Gilman
Lara Fondow
Larry and Mindy Meads
Larry Young
Laura and Craig Johnson
Laura Drake
Laura Kilkelly
Laura Roughton
Lauren Stevenson
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Wagner and Robert Meyers
Laurie and Chris Leman
Laurie and James Moss
Laurie and Matt Engel
Leah Merklinghaus
LeeAnn Fairfield
LeeAnne and Chris Linderman
Lee Ritzau
Leif and Brie Jensen
Leigh Koonce and Juerg Stauffacher
Leilani Cash
Len and Phyllis Schlessinger
Leonora and Adam Gogolak
Lesley Andrus
Leslie and Greg Gushwa
Leslie and Tim Silva
Leslie J Mincks
Leslie Stocklin
Lexi Holz
Lexie Hook
Lila and Brooks Preston
Lili Simpson and Edward Wheeler
Linda and Andy Ach
Linda and Clay Bowling
Linda and Gary Vinagre
Linda and John O’Connor
Linda and Robert Kahn
Linda and Roger Peterson
Linda Levine
Linda Lynch
Linda Madsen
Linda McClatchy
Linda Northrup
Linda Strickland Jaubert
Linda Rowe
Linda Vander Velde Horn
Linda Winnovich
Lindsay Emmer
Linn Kincannon and Erik Schultz
Lisa and Mark Caputo
Lisa and Steve Durels
Lisa Marie Allen and Peter Hendricks
Lisa Montgomery
Lisa Rose and Marty Albertson
Lisa Von Winterfeldt
Lisa Wehofer
Lloyd and Nancy Gurney
Logan Williamson
Lois and Mark Ukropina
Lolly Greeninger
Lorie and Ronald Hayes
Lorraine Malone
Louisa Moats
Lucille and Ronald Neeley Foundation
Lucy Chubb and Sean O’Connel
Luke Whalen
Lyman and Debra Drake
Lyn Bennett
Lynda Sanders
Lynn and Rick Flickinger
Lynn Campion and Ted Waddell
Lynn Gress
Lynne and Steve Heidel
Maija and Alvin Eerkes
Makayla Chappell
Mandy Noonan
Marc and Karen de Saint Phalle
Marcia Babcock and Kurt Spence
Marcia Kent and Frank Halverson
Marcia Pillon
Margaret Hecht
Margery and Woody Friedlander
Margit Donhowe
Maria and Michael Smith
Marian Edwards and Kathleen Cameron
Marie Gallo and Benjamin Frank
Marilyn and Gary Donofrio
Marilyn Martin
Marina Broschofsky
Marion & Andrew Murphy
Marji and Stephen Sofro
Mark and Ellie Gilbreath
Mark and Mary Ratliff
Mark and Michelle Krogh
Mark E Andrews
Mark George
Mark Neumann
Mark Palmer
Marla Mink
Marline Rennels
Marsha Azorsky
Marsha Riemann
Martha and Ross Jennings
Martha and Ted Schwerdtle
Martha Morgenthau
Martin Djos Family Foundation
Marty and Mila Lyon
Marty Carnevale and Ted McCoy
Marty Flannes
Marvin and Charlotte May
Mary Ahern and Joe Chlebowski
Mary and Brad Wirth
Mary and Mat Hall
Mary and Matthew Gervase
Mary and Michael Colhoun
Mary and Robert Van Fossan
Mary and Stephen Malkmus
Mary and Steve Deffe
Mary and Ted Moore
Mary Ann and Joseph C. Syms
Mary Ann Davidson
Mary Bachman and William Downing
Mary Carol Nelson
Mary Ellen Card
Mary Michalis Hanraets
Mary Mott and Gordon Simmerling
Mary Wohlford Foundation
Marya Hecht
Maryanne and Jerry Whitcomb
Marylee Reagle
Matt and Tiffany Curci
Matt Mcghee
Matt Morell
Matthew Clayton
Matthew Fredback
Matthew Robinson
Maura and Greg Pfeiffer
Maureen and Page Jenner
Maureen Lee and Mark Busto
Max Miller
McNair and Will Bailey
Megan and Justin Stevenson
Megan Freeman
Megan McMahon
Meghan Faherty
Melanie Bemis
Melanie Hansen
Melissa Masucci & Chris Hansen
Melisa and Jeff Williams
Melissa Pratt
Melissa Webb
Melody Lindquist
Meredith Ganz
Mia Stearns-Ward
Michael and Irene Healy
Michael and Lisa Leach
Michael and Sharon Landau
Michael Gordon and Sara Sheehy
Michael Halstead
Michael Lloyd and Simone Irion
Michael Raskin and Susie Keperham
Michael Robinson
Michele and Bernie Johnson
Michele Armstrong
Michele Grabher
Michelle and Craig Sabina
Michelle and Duftan Sandoz
Michelle Stennett
Michelle Willows
Mick and Lu Ann Metzel
Mike and Jane Flinn
Mike and Nancy Malko
Mike May
Mike McKenna and Brooke Pace-McKenna
Mimi Clark
Mini Black
Missy Russell
Mitch Long
Moghan and Tracy Lyon
Moira Lynch
Molly and Kurt Lansing
Molly McKew
Molly Page
Morgan Buckert and Paddy Mcllvoy
Mountain Humane
Muffy Ritz
Myrna Oliver
Nalen Foundation
Nanci and Corey Warren
Nanci Rosenfeld
Nancie and Todd Krankkala
Nancy and Brad Rosenberg
Nancy and Charles Ferries
Nancy and Jamie Weeks
Nancy and John Sheperd
Nancy Holcomb
Nancy Jewett
Nancy Mihalic
Nancy R. Richter
Nancy Thomas
Nancy Tremann
Nancy Williams
Naomi and Edwin Woodward
Nat and Barbara Campbell
Nathan and Susan Fierman
Nathan and Tenaya Kolar
Nathan Emerick
Nelda and Bob Kendall
Nicholas and Sylvia Miller
Nicki Steinberg 
Nicolas Cavallo
Nicole and Bill McNichols
Nicole St Germain
Noa and Bryan Ries
Norah Parkinson
Norie Goodell
Ochsman Foundation, Inc.
Oliver Family Charitable Fund
Paige and Ryan Redman
Paige McAllister
Pam and Chris Gammon
Pam and Kirk Ebertz
Pamela Fairfax
Pamela and John Wells
Pamela Mann and Mark Miller
Pamela Mason Davey and Marc Mason
Pat and Alex Higgins
Pat Owen and Carter Cox
Patrica and Col. Charles P. Sloan
Patricia Ann Berg
Patricia Scherer
Patricia Zebrowski and Roland Wolfram
Patrick and Claudia Larkin
Patrick Long
Paul and Andrei Hartzell
Paul and Laurie Ahern
Paul Bernstein
Paul Fremont and Carol Smith
Paul Rubright
Paul Willis
Paula and Ronald Nelson
Peco Foundation
Peggy Dean
Penelope Street
Penny and James DeYoung
Penny and Dick Weiss
Pesky Family Foundation
Pete and Becky Smith
Pete and Debbie Lemman
Pete Whitehead and Laurie Sammis
Peter and Diana Stroble
Peter and Jacqueline Anderson
Peter and Linda Brittingham
Peter Breck
Peter Caldara
Peter Stephenson
Phil and Ann Doerflin
Phil and Susan Usher
Philippe Onetto and Allyse Goehring
Piece and Elaine Scranton
Pioneer Montessori School 6th Grade Class
Pirie Grossman
Priscilla Pittiglio
R. Eric Adams
Rae Devito
Rae Townsend
Ralph and Gayle Meredith
Ralph Fullerton and Myra Friedman
Randall and Sheila Pollock
Randi and John Kanellitsas
Randi and Sean McEntee
Randy Hall
Ranney and Priscilla Draper
Ray and Sheila Liermann
Ray J. Gadd
Ray Segale
Rebecca and Richard Waycott
Rebecca and Steve Cole
Rebecca Bundy
Rebecca Mongeau
Reilly Dwight
Renae Spaulding
Renee Faltings
Renoir Finizio
Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff
Richard and Remi Hitchcock
Richard and Sharon Haugen
Richard and Sharon Linville
Richard Boddie
Richard Brown
Richard English and Anita Whelan
Richard H. Spaulding
Richard Johnson
Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation
Richard Kolbrener
Richard Wagner
Rick and Nancy Webking
Rick and Terri LeFaivre
Maria & Alma Pastega Family Foundation
Rick and Lisa Altig
Ridley and Marcelle Pearson
Risa and Terry Williams
Rita and George Golleher
RL Rowsey
Rob and Deb Santa
Robert and Beth Rohe
Robert and Elizabeth Weil
Robert and Jayne Elgee
Robert and Jeannine Foster
Robert and Kristi Diercks
Robert and Lynda Safron
Robert and Margaret Houston
Robert and Margaret Shuford
Robert and Penny Brennan
Robert and Shellie Rubel
Robert Brock and Nina Steffens
Robert Burkheimer
Robert Dean
Robert Gertschen
Robert Gieselmann
Robert Hawley
Robert Sinclair
Robin Hagenau
Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander
Robin Meller
Robyn and Todd Achilles
Robyn Marrelli
Rochelle Runge
Roger and Christine Demment
Roger and Jeanne Foreman
Roger and Kathy Sanger
Roger and Susan Crist
Roger Squier
Roland Nickerson
Roman Chavez and Rachel Schochet
Ron and Sue Green
Ronald and Linda Hatzenbuehler
Ronile and Leroy Robinson
Rosalie and Harold Rae Brown Charitable Foundation
Rosanne and Hal Cochrane
Ross Copperman and Krista Anderson
Rothstein Mishkin Foundation
Royce Mussman
Ruby and Peter Becker
Russ and Andrea Jenson
Russ and Carrie Pillar
Russell Train
Ruth Gaylord Jones
Ruth and Jim Shannon
Ruth Robertson
Ryan Rosey
Ryan Schmidt
Ryan Waterfield and Greg Van Der Meulen
Salesforce Foundation
Sallie Castle
Sally Gillespie
Sally McCollum
Sally Olsen
Sally Toone
Sam and Nancy Kennette
Sam and Peggy Grossman Family Foundation
Sam Christian and Casey Dove
Samuel Mollner
Samuel Moore
Sandor and Teri Szombathy
Sandra and Robert Simmers
Sandra Webel
Sandy and Jack McCullough
Sandy and Jodi Sanders
Sandy Mudge
Sandy Scott
Sangham Foundation
Sara Adamiec
Sara and JJ Astorquia
Sara Baldwin and William Brimstein
Sara Gorham
Sara Gress
Sarah Allen
Sarah and David Woodward
Sarah Cooley
Sarah Gray
Sarah Sentilles and Eric Toshalis
Sarah W Blumenstein
Scott and Anne Mason
Scott and Carol Glenn
Scott and Cathy Friedman
Scott and Naomi Runkel
Scott and Patti McLean
Scott and Stephanie Chamberlain
Scott and Susan Robinson
Scott Grill
Scott Morrison
Scott Slonim
Seneca and Tripp VandenHeuvel
Shafran Family Foundation
Shana Stanton
Shannon Payne
Sharon and Russ Williams
Sheila Naghsh
Sherri and Gorp Chessen
Sherry and Dale Jones
Shirley Wesley
Simone L. Kastner
Sirius Fund
Sonia Sommer
Sophia Yen
Spur- Perenchio Family Fund
Stacey Gerber
Stan and Harriet Joseph
Stani Malmgren
Stasia Reisfield
Stephanie and Hod Fowler
Stephanie Bourgette and Ken Grayson
Stephanie Marquis
Stephanie Spindler
Stephanie Wallace
Stephen and Jean Roth
Stephen Gilman
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Romano
Stephen Wall and Nancy Crandall
Steve and Marylyn Pauley
Steve and Nancy Wasilewski
Steve Clayton
Steve Elch
Steve Grourke
Steve Kearns and Cynthia Woolley
Steve Myers and Susan Tucker
Steve Rosenlund
Steve, Melisa, and Madeline Thies
Steven and Mia Edsall
Steven Dorinson
St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation
Sue Petersen
Summer Baldwin Bauer
Susan and Bill Gundy
Susan and David McBryant
Susan and Elvis Kranz
Susan and Gary Crowe
Susan and Reuben Perin
Susan and Ron Greenspan
Susan and Rudy Boesch
Susan and Tom Reinhart
Susan Brotman
Susan Chizum
Susan Conner and Sam Adicoff
Susan Flower
Susan Flynt
Susan Gellen
Susan Giannettino and James Keller
Susan Holley
Susan Kraemer
Susan Miller
Susan Neaman
Susan Passovoy and Bob Kaplan
Susan Scannel
Susan Shoch
Susan Woodruff
Susanna and Jim Howard
Susanne Werner
Susie Alban and Scott Creighton
Suzanne Jobin
Suzi Zook
Svea and Chris Grover
Sylvia Cunningham
Sylvia Hayden
Taina Raff
Tami Weinreich
Tamera Clifford
Tamra Thrall
Tana Parke
Tara Fankhanel
Taryn Smith and Paul Jones
Ted and Leila Angle
Ted and Diane Kiel
Ted Jones
Teena Hill
Teresa and H. John Heinz III Charitable Fund of the Heinz Family Foundation
Teresa and Kevin Laird
Teresa McGoffin and AJ Bray
Terri and Dale Bullock
Terri Thompson
Terry Player
The Burks Family
The Greenberg Family
The Hesselbacher Family
The Keefer Family
The Lightner Family
The Mascheroni Family
The Meinekes
The Nielson Family
The Reeves Family
The Sauerbrey Family
The Spain Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Theo Gund
Theodore and Candace Witt
Thomas and Alicia Lyon
Thomas Keenan and Laury Wing-Keenan
Thomas Leach
Thomas Pittman
Thomas Poole
Thurston Charitable Foundation
Tim and Jane Orr
Tim and Sue Hamilton
Tim Mott
Tim Semones
Timothy Price
Tizz Strachan
Tod and Barbara Hamachek
Todd and Georgia Stewart
Todd Davis
Tom and Cindy Monge
Tom and Deanna Harned
Tom and Donna Carvey
Tom and Florence Blanchard
Tom and Jill Schriber
Tom and Shannon Moss
Tom Bergin
Tom Bowman and Patti Lousen
Tom Donilon and Catherine Russell
Tom Iselin
Tom Lampl
Tom Neustaetter
Toni Cohn
Toni Eubanks
Tony and Amy McGraw
Travis and Haley Stevens
Travis Jones
Trudy Dane
Tryntje and Tim Van Slyke
Valerie Shea
Vanessa and Jason Fry
Veronica Broderick
Vicki and Glen Shapiro
Vicky Salfeld-Kotiga
Vicki Smith
Victoria Zoellner
Virginia and David Knott
Virginia Pierrepont
Virginia Van Doren
Wayne Spector
Wendy and Bob Werth
Wendy and Bryan Speth
Wendy and David Kistler
Wendy and Greg Hosman
Wendy Chase
Wendy Little
Wendy Reilly
Werner and Laura Morawitz
Wilhelm Kogelmann
Will Heidel and Kim Havens
William and Summer Gilmore
William and Taina Raff
William and Victoria McNichols
William Nicholson
Wood River Women’s Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
WRWF Members Fund
Yvette and Scott Harris
Zak and Steph Greenawalt
Zana Davey
Zane and Alison Behnke

Gifts in Honor of Others:

Anonymous (2)
Amy Martin by Amy and Joel Brazil
Anita Tigert by Debra Dawahare
Ben Frank and Marie Gallo by Danny & Julie Frank
Betty Stone by Pete and Becky Smith
Charlotta Harris by Teresa and Kevin Laird
Coleen & Mike Baldwin by Renae Spaulding
Colorado Condor by Fran Ripsom
Community School Green Team by Scott and Naomi Runkel
Deb Robertson & Jeff Lamoureux by Julie Olson
Doug Gingrich by Allison and Dan Gingrich
Erickson Family by Summer Bauer
Elise Lufkin by Alison Lufkin
Healthcare Workers by Elissa Eva
Henry Raff by Matthew Clayton, Reilly Dwight, John and Annelle Ballbach, William and Taina Raff
William & Taina Raff
Holly Blair by Melisa and Jeff Williams
Hunger Coalition Staff and Volunteers by James Feldbaum and Melinda Lebowitz
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch by Douglas & Rebecca Obletz
Jeanne Liston by Dan and Jodie Hunt
Jo-Anne Dixon and James Coyle Family by Summer Bauer
Jolie Blair by Arnold and Susan Blair
Katie Corkery by Jack and Kristie Kohl
Katie Rousey by Samuel Moore
Katy Hoffer by Susan and Rudy Boesch
Krista Felton by Heather Myrick-Arnold and Ben Arnold
Larry Young by Hannah and Sam Young
Leila & Charlotte Brickley by Katherine Bain
Little Wood Pest Control by Bill & Mindy Bush
Luke’s Family Pharmacy by Sherry and Dale Jones
Margaret Bishop by Lexi Holz
Mary Malkmus by Adrian Norris
Mary Michalis Hanraets by Cora Thomas
Matt Wells and Tina Cole by Robert Brock and Nina Steffens
Maxine Fox by Susanne Werner
Melanie Nevins by Summer Bauer
Neela B Saxena by Anonymous
Norwood Family by Bil Summers
Our sweet mothers by Kim Delaney
Penelope DeYoung by Wendy Chase
Ruby PK Payette by Jill Payette and Marc Corney
Sarah Sentilles by Emily & Charley Sentilles
Stephanie Perenchio by Anonymous
Sue Adicoff by Rebecca and Richard Waycott
Sue Conner by Brian and Sandra Caulkins
Susie Alan by Norie Goodell
Summer B. Bauer by Rob and Deb Santa
Susan Flandro by Carol Matkins
The EMT’s of Ketchum Fire Department by Craven Young and Karen Oswalt
Tom Banducci and Tamm Adams by Andrew Schwartz
Tom Iselin by Bloomerang
Trish & David Wilson by Katie Wilson McBreen
Wendi Norris by Anonymous

Gifts in Memory of Others:

Aaron Bernstein by Greenstein Family Foundation
Camille McCray by Melisa and Jeff Williams
Gary Hornbuckle by Barbi Reed
Jan Lowen by Gay Odmark
John Kahm by Beverley Robertson, David Steckel, Jennifer Douglas, Jim and Sandy Young, Judith Nevins and Samuel Bell, Kathryn and Mike Cummings, Mary Donovan, Monica Garrison, Steve Grourke, Susan Schuler, Suzanne Jobin, Steven Smith, Joan Ferenczy, Linda Parker and Frederic Gray, Richard Jeo, Jim and Margaret Miller , Rhonda Morris
Lois McDonald by Terry Player
Mike Wirth by Summer Bauer
Patrick Leahy Hickey by Greg and Jennifer Sherwood
Patti Williams & Lois McDonald by Linda and Gary Vinagre, Kristen Daley
Toni Breck by Susan & Tom Reinhart
Virginia Parker by Anne and Mike Brunelle, Gene and Sharon Steiner,
Jane and John McCamy, Julie and Brian Gallagher, Gloria and Doug Brown
“Woody” F.G. Jewett III by Eric Rogers and Eleanor Jewett

*We do our very best to accurately acknowledge gifts. Please email with any errors or omissions so we can correct our records.

If you want to join this incredible team of compassionate people, click here to make a donation.

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