Naomi Spence

Co-Executive Director

aka The Glue aka Striving to achieve magical unicorn status every day 


I have the best job in the world. I supervise and support all programmatic staff and aspects of our organization. Some days you will find me enjoying a cup of tea with a patron who is seeking emergency food assistance. Other days I am conducting a staff meeting in the middle of the farm. I get to brainstorm the best possible programmatic excellence strategies with my stellar staff and watch them tackle obstacles which pop up daily, always with the best interest of our patrons as their guiding principle. I work closely with our fearless leader. She and I have been in this together for almost ten years. I am the yang to her yin and we balance each other out perfectly. 

Who is your Food or Social Justice Hero? 

These days, I am most inspired by youth-led grassroots movements. Some really powerful work comes out of the collective model and boots on the ground organizing! United We Dream is a national movement of immigrant youth who are FEARLESS.

Favorite snack from Bloom Community Farm or The Hope Garden? 

Simply picking the kale and eating it on the spot. I call our kale “life changing kale”. I have converted many farm visitors who claimed to hate kale. I am not sure why it is so good. Maybe something sweet in our soil? Good karma?

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why? 

I would be a Sabra (prickly pear). To Israelis I am considered a Sabre because I was born in Israel. It is a fruit with a hard exterior shell and super sweet and colorful on the inside.