Jane Lopez

Community Organizing Supervisor

Pronouns: She/Her

What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?
Community Organizing Supervisor

Who is your Food or Social Justice Hero?
Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks are my social Justice Heroes.
They had a vision for a different world. We all have a right to stand for what we believe in. Compassion, empathy and community bring people of different cultures together, and together we can find ways to overcome this world’s social injustices. 

My food heroes are my parents. Growing up it was always fun to see my mom enjoy her time in the kitchen either baking or cooking and always trying new recipes with what she had in the refrigerator. My Father loves bringing family together with his “Carne Asadas”. Food was always a way for them to bring family and friends together to show love and appreciation.

Favorite place to adventure i.e. favorite fishing hole, hike, lake, etc.?
Favorite place to adventure is Redfish Lake. It is such a peaceful place where I am able to unwind and ground myself by walking on the sand along the lake. I love taking my children and watching them enjoy all the activities available at Redfish. 

What do you love most about our community?
What I love about this community is that in the moment of need we all come together.