Chloe Lichtenberg

Bloom Youth Project Supervisor


What’s your role/what do you do @ THC?
I am the Bloom Youth Project Coordinator! I work with our teen interns farming, selling produce, learning life skills, and having fun. In addition to that I support my colleagues and The Hunger Coalition in any way that calls. Each day is different! 

Community is…
I believe community is a shared understanding and commitment to accept, support, and respect one another. It’s a place we turn to in need, generosity, and celebration. 

Who is your Food or Social Justice Hero? 
My Social Justice hero is Luis Arévalo, my Spanish professor from college. He opened my eyes to the power of poetry and literature as a vehicle for social change. 

Favorite place to adventure i.e. favorite fishing hole, hike, lake, etc? 
I like to read old tales of local miners and then go explore where they once roamed! Maybe I’m hoping to find treasure…maybe I’ve already found it…!