Brooke Pace McKenna

Co-Executive Director

aka master troubleshooter aka human computer


I oversee HR, Finance, IT, Data/Statistics/Program Analysis, Operations, Fundraising & Communications Support, Strategic Development and Organizational Planning and basically answer, to the best of my ability, every question that comes my way. 

What does food justice mean to you? 

Food justice for me is about removing food from the equation. I have never been able to wrap my head around the commodification of basic needs. How is it that in our modern society, your basic needs – food, water, shelter – are things that can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for you to access if you happen to find yourself in crisis or challenged by circumstance? I understand the benefits of a free market system and believe in free will, but we can do better. Justice to me is a society that values the inherent worth of its inhabitants and ensures that everybody has a chance to live a healthy, happy life.

What makes you most proud about working at The Hunger Coalition? 

I love that we are not afraid to self-reflect at The Hunger Coalition. We are almost constantly in a state of evaluation and evolution because the challenges our community members face are not static. Sure, the core challenge is the same – access to healthy, affordable food – but the details behind the challenges are complex. We are constantly seeking better, more efficient ways to serve our community that will lead to the best possible outcomes for all. That’s a pretty big mountain to climb, but we have an amazing community supporting us and a very dedicated staff to help us get there.