How We Affect Change

As a member of a statewide task force against hunger, The Hunger Coalition is actively involved in fighting hunger at a local, regional and statewide level.

The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force is working to put public and private resources into action statewide to eliminate hunger and provide food security for all Idahoans. Through a variety of programs and policies, the IHRTC endeavors to strengthen local food systems, make Food Stamps more accessible, and promote greater access to locally grown food that strengthens Idaho’s farm economy.

Key programs, policies, and events include:

Farm to School Program, Third Annual Idaho Hunger Summit, Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program, Reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act/WIC, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Providing county-level information on hunger relief program participation and other food insecurity indicators for Idaho’s 44 counties, the Idaho Hunger Atlas includes regional summaries, statewide summaries, front-line interviews, findings and recommendations. Designed to improve our understanding of the extent and depth of food insecurity and hunger across Idaho, county-by-county, this unprecedented publication was made possible through a partnership with the Boise State University Public Policy Center.

Key Facts and Conclusions:

  • More than 50% of Food Stamp recipients in Idaho are children
  • The number of first time visitors to emergency food banks across the state is increasing.
  • 21% of Idaho’s children live in food insecure households
  • Removal of the Asset Test on food stamps is imperative
  • Increasing access to locally grown foods with support Idaho’s ag economy
  • The Child Nutrition Act/WIC needs to be strengthened and reauthorized