Going Green

Feeding the hungry is truly a “green” endeavor at its very core. From the remodel of our new Food Bank warehouse to rescuing perishable goods from local grocers, The Hunger Coalition thinks, and implements, the concept of sustainability in our daily operations as well as our programs.

Here are some examples of how The Hunger Coalition is working to become a truly sustainable organization:

going green the hunger coalitionPerishable Food Donations:

Our local grocery stores are thoughtfully giving The Hunger Coalition an opportunity to pick-up fresh foods, such as ripe raspberries and still delicious french bread, from their stores that is being replaced with more recent arrivals. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers on the Perishable Goods Pick Up Team, these wonderful fresh foods are brought here to our warehouse directly from the store. Just as soon as they arrive, they head back out again in our Mobile Food Bank for distribution to those in need.
This is an example of recycling at its very best!

The Hunger Coalition Food Bank:

Our new food bank serves as warehouse, clearing house, meeting facility, office, and much more. A multi-purpose facility, we are proud to say it was remodeled with “green” goals for energy efficiency and with as many materials that could be gleaned from recycling stores as possible. Almost all our furniture and office equipment has been donated or purchased from second hand stores, even the kitchen microwave! We are largely electronic in our filing and inter-office communications – even our monthly newsletter is sent electronically to email addresses.

Keep an eye on our Wish List in our monthly E-Newsletter . . . we are often on the lookout for used supplies and equipment for our ever-expanding organization!

The Hope Garden:

Our newest program, The Hope Garden is both a food source and a community asset. It is equal parts educational and empowerment opportunity. With the help of generous community members and grateful clients, we have planted row upon row of vegetables, fruits and herbs. The fresh, delicious “fruits” of this labor will yield a bounty for those experiencing hunger in Blaine County as we distribute the harvested goods through our Mobile Food Bank.

Give a person a bag of vegetables and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to plant vegetables and you feed them for life!

Compost & Recycling Program:

Our compost and recycling program deals specifically with the by-products of our operation as a food bank warehouse, mobile food bank, and fundraising center. All perishable, donated goods that are not edible are saved in bins for compost.  In our second floor offices, we collect all recyclable materials. In our warehouse, we re-use and recycle all the packing materials and boxes that come laden with food donations, and at our Mobile Food Bank we re-use all the boxes needed to transport that day’s distributions. We strongly encourage our clients to bring reusable bags and boxes to take their groceries home in, essentially eliminating the use of plastic grocery bags.

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!