From Our Clients

We would like to share with you a few words from clients, volunteers, and community members about their relationship with The Hunger Coalition, and how everyone’s participation makes a significant difference!

Food Bank 2014_051

 The Mobile Food Bank Program:

“I moved to Hailey, ID in July of this year for a very promising job. The job is wonderful, but we only are paid bi-weekly. It totals to about $985 per month. After taxes and medical insurance, one whole check goes to rent. The remaining money goes towards everything else. I am left with 14 dollars per month or less for food. Thank you.”

mfb“I’m a single mom who has lost her job after 10 years. I am unemployed at this time. Seeking work with no luck at this time. The food baskets help so much. Thank you.”

“I am a survivor of domestic violence. I have struggled through the years to provide for myself and two children. I am very thankful for these services to help me get through these hard times. I know there are so many families in need & this is truly a wonderful program. Thank you.”

“I am 14 yrs old & I have Auto Immune Disease. I’m on a special diet to keep my immune system under control. With your help I’ve been able to eat better foods while my mother is getting back on her feet financially. Thank you so much.”

“I am a social worker working with families in need. These families desperately need help in the form of food. This help is sometimes the one thing that helps them get back on their feet. We fully appreciate the food that is available. Please keep this important service available.”

Participants in The Hunger Project:

“It makes me sad to think of all the families out there who do not have choices and their kids are growing up on this not always so healthy food.”  ~ C. Huss

“We are a very busy family and planning out meals like this and cooking everything from scratch put a lot of strain on our limited time.”  ~  J. Tuohymfb

“I enjoyed hearing each participant’s personal journey and could relate to so much of what was said.  I’m so glad you got to hear what a difference your efforts make for someone who may not have any other options.  I don’t know if you ever get feedback or feel your clients’ appreciation as much as you should.”  ~ L. Phillips

“Suffice to say I survived my week, found my belly sufficiently full all week, gained new perspectives on life and the food line, gained a tremendous amount of respect for the valley’s volunteers and donors, and perhaps most of all gained a deeper appreciation for the many meanings of food.” ~ C. McAvoy

Our Language in the Garden Program:

“I learned a great deal about gardening in this climate from the energetic, enthusiastic staff!  I also like the idea of learning language and gardening with an amazing cross section of the community.”


“I got to practice my Spanish, I felt welcomed and comfortable, I met several people, and I enjoyed myself.  I was glad to be a part of the Program and am excited to watch this grow.”

“I always knew and recognized there was a need in our community for volunteerism but now, having been a volunteer myself, I have a better appreciation of what it takes to make a difference.”

 The Hunger Stories:

Presented by The Community School Senior, Zana Davey, “The Hunger Stories” relate the real story behind hunger here in Blaine County.  Through personal interviews with clients and staff from The Hunger Coalition, Davey weaves an audio story that shares poignant details about the lives of people in our community who have experienced hunger, and gotten help through The Hunger Coalition. You can read the entire Hunger Stories Blog Here.