The Power of Words

photo by Karen Bossick

The conventional language around hunger often paints the picture of helpless people seeking an easy answer, which is painfully misleading. We’ve found this language could very well be perpetuating shame and preventing people from accessing food.

In pursuit of words that nourish and empower, that feed the future of food security, and forever transform our relationship to hunger, we’ve discovered some pretty energizing terms that we’d love to share.

Food Justice: The Food Justice movement envisions a food system that is inclusive, community-led and participatory, without the exploitation of people, land, or the environment. It identifies and acts to remove the significant structural inequities that exist within our food and economic systems. Food Justice activists seek to establish healthy, resilient communities with equitable access to nourishing and culturally appropriate food.” – Portland/Multnomah Food Policy Council’s, quote source here

Equity: Food equity means everyone, no matter their [ability, history, ethnicity, race, or class], can access and afford a basic healthy diet and work to support a food system that produces this vision.The Center for Social Inclusion

Photo by Jay Graham

Access: Food access is not simply a health issue but also a community development and equity issue. For this reason, access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a key component not only in a healthy, sustainable local food system, but also in a healthy, sustainable community. – American Planning Association

These powerful words will guide our work moving forward and help change the conversation around food security in Blaine County.