The Hunger Coalition Extends its Hours


Food Bank 2014_024The Hunger Coalition in Bellevue will extend its hours of operation, beginning on April 27, to meet an increase in demand from working families.

Food distribution hours will be extended at its Bellevue warehouse location on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The Hunger Coalition is open to the public, offering food assistance and private consultations for walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Spring slack can be a slow time of year for many valley businesses, but it’s one of the busiest for the Hunger Coalition,” said Hunger Coalition Communications and Development Manager Julie Molema. “Many families struggle to pay bills and put food on the table at this time of year.”

The Hunger Coalition works to end hunger in the Wood River Valley community by providing wholesome food to those in need and by promoting solutions to the underlying causes of hunger through collaboration, education and advocacy.

Food Bank 2014_032Molema said she has seen a recent uptick in the number of families using the Hunger Coalition to get by, with more and more families arriving in the last hour of business during Monday’s busy food distribution period in Bellevue.

After conducting client surveys, analyzing check-in times and receiving comments from food recipients about how it can be difficult to access the services after work, the organization decided to extend its Monday mobile food bank distribution.

“We’ve received numerous comments from clients that it is hard to access our food distributions after work,” said Associate Director Naomi Spence. “And the amount of people coming to get food in the last half hour in Bellevue has increased dramatically in the last several months.”

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The original article, came from the Idaho Mountain Express April 17 edition.