Sage School Gleaning Day 2014_lowres

the Sage School students rescue thousands of pounds of fruit from local trees for The Hunger Coalition every year. This fruit gets distributed at our weekly food distributions and is now stored in our expanded walk-in refrigerator space thanks to the Walmart Foundation grant! 


The Hunger Coalition Receives a $27,750 Grant for Food Rescue Programs

The Hunger Coalition recently received a $27,750 grant from the Walmart Foundation in support of their Food Rescue Program. The funding will be used to acquire the storage and food processing units necessary to ensure they never turn away fresh food donations for hungry families.

Through expansion of existing refrigeration, installation of a new walk-in freezer and the purchase of commercial grade food drier and food sealer, the Walmart Foundation funding will aid The Hunger Coalition in meeting their ambition food rescue goals. The new equipment will allow for the safe handling and storage of an unprecedented amount of rescued food.  The Hunger Coalition plans to rescue 75,000 pounds of food this year by gleaning local fruit trees, harvesting excess produce from local gardens and recovering foods from local grocery stores. Continue reading