CFA Advisory Team Spotlight: Ruby Garcia


Ruby Garcia

Ruby’s family has been commuting to work to the valley since the early 1990’s. She decided to move to the valley in 2001 after being employed at a local preschool that allowed her to work and enjoy time with her daughter at the same time.

Since then, she has enjoyed every adventure in the valley – moving from preschool, to banking, to finding her home at St. Luke’s Center for Community Health as the Bilingual Outreach Coordinator. Ruby’s girls and the responsibility of their future is the greatest adventure this life has given her. Food is important to Ruby’s family and a crucial piece to this community, but it almost feels like it’s out of reach for some of our local residents. To Ruby this valley is seen by many as a high-end resort community. Because of this they sometimes forget that hard working people still live here and cannot always afford the prices that are set for healthy food.


Ruby’s two lovely daughters.

Being a part of the Blaine County Community Food Assessment has given Ruby the opportunity to learn more about the overall look of the food insecurity that we are currently living in and to be a part of finding healthy choices for all parties involved. She believes that the CFA will help to uncover some of the insecurities we face today and facilitate ideas to, as a community working together, overcome them.