Improved Digs – 2016 Remodel

clearwater thanks

Our temporary office space, courtesy of Clearwater Landscaping.

Tear down and framing of THC remodeled offices.

Tear down and framing of THC remodeled offices.

We are growing and to help with this growth, we needed to reconfigure our offices.

John Rowland, from deRess Architects stepped up to the plate and helped us reconfigure or offices to utilize the space more efficiently. John (and deReus) drew the architectural drawings at no cost! Thank you John and deReus Architects!

Empty offices and frame work.

Empty offices and frame work.

Three offices became five offices.

Three offices became five offices.

Lee Gilman Builders also stepped up to the plate during the beginning of summer with a full schedule of jobs. They fit us in in-between jobs and helped find subcontractors – many of whom donated all or a portion of their time, materials and efforts. Thank you Matt Spence and Lee Gilman Builders for building us such a beautiful office!

Clearwater Landscaping welcomed us with open arms to their offices across the street from us. They gave us a beautiful, air-conditioned space to work from and for our twice-weekly staff meetings.

Radiant Foil – Art Carlson donated 100% labor and all materials for insulation

JE Drywall – Supplied drywall and materials at cost

View Point Windows & Doors – Donated 100% materials

AC Houston – Supplied materials at cost

C&R Electric – Electrician

CJ’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Jay Hedrick – Painting

Apex Plumbing – Rod Sisk plumber

Town Refrigeration – Warehouse refrigeration


Finished product! Meeting area.


Finished product! Meeting area, conference table, new offices, some with standing stations (back left corner)! Much better use of our space!


Finished product – more open receiving area – sharing heat and air throughout the office.


Finished product! A beautiful light blue colored walls and white trim, brightens up the place!

remodel new view

The finished product! Thank you! We love our new/improved digs!