June 2014

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IMG_0630School’s out for the summer! Check out this month’s newsletter for more information on our new, expanded Summer Food Program, ensuring our valley’s children stay fed and healthy while away from the safety net of school breakfasts and lunches.

In the past six months, we’ve seen a 55% increase in families in need over the same period last year.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to meet this surprising change in demand for our services.  Read more in the June eNewsletter about the face of need in our valley and how your support has made a real, tangible impact on local families. Thank you!

May 2014

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Hailey MFB volunteers 2014

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise nearly $3,000 on May 1st for Idaho Gives!  Every dollar raised will go toward feeding children this summer.  In this month’s issue, learn about the ways our community is stepping up to ensure we can meet the startling increase in need. One of the most critical ways you can help is by becoming a volunteer!

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February 2014

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February is a busy month for us here at The Hunger Coalition.  Record numbers of people are accessing our services every day, so we are expanding our hours of food distributions on Mondays starting on the 17th.  Without the amazing support of our generous community, it would be a challenge to meet this need!

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This month, consider helping your neighbors in need by contributing to the pet food drive at Wood River Insurance in Hailey, or participating in Hip Thrusts for Hunger at one of the participating fitness facilities in the valley.

More information on these fun events and other updates in this month’s newsletter!

Help for those impacted by the Beaver Creek Fires

Originally published in The Weekly Sun 9/4/2013

After weeks of smoke-filled skies, it was almost possible to forget how delightful a blue bird day can be! As the smoke clears and firefighters trickle off to the next blaze, more than just the clear blue sky is returning to our valley—reality is coming back as well. For many of our local families and individuals, the harsh realities of the Beaver Creek Fire may impact them for months to come.

After the Castle Rock Fire in 2007, here at The Hunger Coalition we learned the true impact of such a crisis will be seen long after the smoldering embers have gone cold. The economic loss to our resort community is going to hit hardest those who were already hanging by a thread. For families dependent upon the income from a usually busy August, the impending slack season may cause a new crisis.

Food is one of the most fundamental of human necessities; yet people suffering from economic instability sacrifice balanced meals in order to get the bills paid. When money is tight, those critical nutrients found in fresh fruits and veggies are given up. Parents find themselves skipping a meal so their children have more on their plates. Nutrition and health get bumped to keep a roof over their heads.

At The Hunger Coalition, we don’t think that’s okay. We see a healthy, thriving community arising only when every single member of our community is also healthy and thriving. Statistics released last spring indicate there are over 3,000 “food insecure” children and adults living in Blaine County. By food insecure, we mean they don’t know from where there next meal will come. It is our expectation that more people will find themselves tackling food insecurity as the economic impact of the fire is fully felt in the months to come.

Studies conducted by the US Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion found a disturbing anomaly: people who are the most food insecure are at greater risk for obesity. Food insecure families tend to consume lower cost, prepared foods which are lower in nutritional value instead of more wholesome and expensive options like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The long-term effects of hunger and malnutrition in children include behavioral problems, a decreased ability to learn and perform well in school and an increased frequency of disciplinary issues.

If you find yourself battling hunger and food insecurity in the coming weeks and months, The Hunger Coalition wants you to know there is help. Proper nutrition is key to stress management, mental health and, especially for children, behavioral and developmental well-being. Make sure that you and your family have the foods you need to manage the situation you are in. There are resources in this community to make sure you not only survive this difficult time, but thrive. Our goal is to provide healthy food and a connection to resources in the most respectful manner possible, because maintaining dignity and a sense of self in times of crisis is critical to an individual’s success, and therefore, the community’s. Let us help connect you to the resources you need. Call 788-0121 today for more information.


October 2013

eNewsletter Highlights

barrelOctober is Hunger Awareness Month!  In this month’s newsletter, we dedicate our Top Ten List to the activities and events held over the years to help spread awareness about hunger in our community.  In our Partner’s Corner, we shine the light on Blaine County School District, an important partner of ours in ending childhood hunger locally. Click here to read the newsletter.

Also this month, we are rolling out a service survey and asking the entire community to participate.  Please click the link to the right to complete the short survey and let us know how we can serve this community better.  Thank you!

Annual Spring Corporate Food Drive Helps Families in Need

Friendly Competition is Win-Win for All!

It’s time to empty the pantry and help fill the shelves at The Hunger Coalition! Every spring, local businesses team up to bring much needed non-perishable food and cash donations to The Hunger Coalition during their annual Spring Corporate Food Drive.  Vying for the coveted Golden Can Award for most pounds of food and/or money collected, these community-minded businesses build terrific in-house teamwork while reaching out to family, friends and colleagues for non-perishable food and cash donations. Continue reading