CFA Advisory Team Spotlight: Ruby Garcia


Ruby Garcia

Ruby’s family has been commuting to work to the valley since the early 1990’s. She decided to move to the valley in 2001 after being employed at a local preschool that allowed her to work and enjoy time with her daughter at the same time.

Since then, she has enjoyed every adventure in the valley – moving from preschool, to banking, to finding her home at St. Luke’s Center for Community Health as the Bilingual Outreach Coordinator. Ruby’s girls and the responsibility of their future is the greatest adventure this life has given her. Food is important to Ruby’s family and a crucial piece to this community, but it almost feels like it’s out of reach for some of our local residents. To Ruby this valley is seen by many as a high-end resort community. Because of this they sometimes forget that hard working people still live here and cannot always afford the prices that are set for healthy food.


Ruby’s two lovely daughters.

Being a part of the Blaine County Community Food Assessment has given Ruby the opportunity to learn more about the overall look of the food insecurity that we are currently living in and to be a part of finding healthy choices for all parties involved. She believes that the CFA will help to uncover some of the insecurities we face today and facilitate ideas to, as a community working together, overcome them.

CFA Advisory Team Spotlight: Kathryn Guylay


Kathryn hiking near Stanley at Bridal Veil Falls.

Kathryn Guylay is the Executive Director of Nurture and author of the upcoming book The Smile Advantage: How to succeed in work, life and health, even when you’re headed for the cliff. Kathryn is a radio talk show host on KDPI 89.1 Ketchum where she shares inspiration and ideas for the health and wellness of children and families.

Kathryn and her family moved to the valley in 2011 to be closer to nature and to leave the “life in the fast lane” of Metro Chicago. Her family is still in awe every day by the beautiful mountain views, and they all exclaim every day how wonderful the air smells here!

Kathryn wanted to be a part of the Community Food Assessment (CFA) because our valley has a unique opportunity to create a huge change because we are so small yet so full of amazing people. Why does she think the CFA is important? “Food is important, our earth is important, all the living creatures of this planet are important,” said Kathryn. “We are all interconnected,” smiled Kathryn.

SVHalf_2014 246

Finishing the 2014 Sun Valley Half Marathon as a family–Kathryn poses with her husband Jeff, son Alexander (12) and daughter Elena (14). Photo credit: Hank Dart


CFA Advisory Team Spotlight: Julie Carney

IMG_1489Julie Carney is the social worker at Wood River High School. She was born in Southern California and moved to the valley with her parents, John and Sue Stoneback and her sister Sharyl, in 1978 when she was 11 years old.  After graduating from Wood River High School, she began her undergraduate education at University of Idaho, and she eventually ended up at The University of California Los Angeles where she received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1991. In 1996 she received her master’s in social work. Julie then continued on and became licensed in Idaho as a licensed clinical social worker. Continue reading

Latino Focus Group Synopsis

focusOn Monday, March 23rd, we held our fifth and final focus group with the Latino population that suffers from food insecurity. The focus group was graciously facilitated by Cyndi Ochoa of the Wood River YMCA and was well attended – we had 12 attendees in total! Cyndi did a wonderful job applying her excellent interpersonal skills to establish a repoire with the group. They were all comfortable with her, and the group had a fruitful conversation on food insecurity.

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CFA Team Member Spotlight: Manon Gaudreau

manonManon’s interests include cooking, digital photography, graphics, web design, sewing, yoga, tai chi, massage, basket making, gardening, singing and dancing.
In the last few years, Manon has been teaching cooking classes focused on local, sustainable and seasonal food. “Cooking from scratch has been a long time passion of mine, that drove me to study the various culinary traditions, and travel to countries with exquisite cuisine wisdom– namely France, Italy, Germany, India, Hawaii and Costa Rica,” said Manon. “The search for better health had me investigate many diets from macrobiotics to raw foods, and back to my “French Canadian meat, fish and vegetables” roots and my father’s family farming background,” added Manon.

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Community Food Assessment Forms Research Teams

VISTA members and Community Food Assessment project members include Emily Slike (left) and Emily Williams (right).

VISTA members and Community Food Assessment project members include Emily Slike (left) and Emily Williams (right).


The next time you’re at the grocery store and you’re sorting through veggies in the produce aisle, think about how far that tomato traveled to get here and what it cost in fuel, man power and overhead to place that tomato in your basket. 

Called a Community Food Assessment, a community-led study focusing on the Blaine County food system has made significant progress with the finalization of two core research teams comprised of passionate and engaged local citizens.  The teams’ expertise ranges from food insecurity and health to farming, processing and distribution of food in the Blaine County area. The teams will oversee focus groups, interviews and surveys to assess the state of food security in Blaine County and determine ways to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, local food.

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Community Food Assessment Coffee Shop Talks

Bring your thoughts and questions about the Community Food Assessment!


Tuesday December 9
9-10am at The Hunger Coalition’s Office
121 Honeysuckle Street, Bellevue

5:30-6:30 at Powerhouse
411 North Main Street, Hailey
Wednesday December 10th
9-10am at Hailey Coffee Company
219 South Main Street, Hailey
Thursday December 11th
9-10am at Starbucks
491 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum

5:30-6:30 at Velocio
601 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum