Strategic Plan Goals

The Hunger Coalition 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Overall Strategy

To gain access to sufficient wholesome foods in the chosen categories for all clients at the lowest practical cost;

To distribute these foods as efficiently, conveniently and fairly as possible;

To communicate effectively with target populations in terms of message, reach and frequency;

To focus on children as the greatest opportunity, both because of their needs and their potential to break the cycle of poverty;

To improve the collective impact of partner organizations and all organizations with related missions through THC leadership and collaboration;

To elicit the on-going financial and volunteer support of the caring members of the community.

To use our excellence process to continuously improve our organization’s performance and the fulfillment from our jobs;

2016-2020 Strategic Goals

Food Bank 2014_028Foods:  By 2020, THC-offered meals should provide 100% of the wholesome foods stipulated in each of the designated “critical categories,” including culturally-specific foods.



bloom_logo_orange_FBBrand:  By 2020, develop separate branding to better appeal to the stigmatized and/or marginally food insecure while maintaining our existing brand focused on eliminating food insecurity.



IMG_1929 (1) Community Farm:   By 2020, pilot a community-building farm of up to 5 acres, where partner-based food growing programs build resiliency in youth, fostering skills and coping mechanisms that may assist them in avoiding food insecurity as adults.



Cooking Matters VOICE II kids grocery shopping with label readingCommunity Representatives:  By 2020, recruit members of vulnerable communities to promote our services and inform us of better ways to aid their constituents.



farmstand photoDistribution:  By 2020, pilot food access models, such as “volunteering for veggies”, a subsidized farm stand, and a food truck to address affordability and reach underserved communities.



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