Souper Bowl 2018

































In the month leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, local churches rallied to host their own generous answer to game day: The Souper Bowl. St. Thomas Episcopal ChurchOur Lady of the Snows Catholic Church (winners!), Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood, and Wood River Jewish Community faced off to see who could raise the most cans of soup and fill the shelves of The Hunger Coalition’s food pantry.

You know it was a wild success when 1. all the soup driven in by local churches wouldn’t fit in a single photo 2. the first fork lift to the scene wasn’t powerful enough and had to be traded in for a bigger model 3. the soup just might feed the shelves of our food pantry through Souper Bowl 2019. In numbers, it totaled an unbelievable 12,414 cans of soup and weighed in at 9,021 pounds!

We can’t thank participating local churches enough for your outpouring of generosity along with organizer Garry Pearson and the support of Atkinsons’ MarketThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Clearwater Power Equipment, and Professional Roofing of Bellevue! Click here for more photos.