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Wholesome Food, and Hope, on the Go!

In early 2009, The Hunger Coalition initiated the Mobile Food Bank Program – an innovative response to the growing level of need across Blaine County.  Through centrally-located distributions three times a week across the Wood River Valley, local families and individuals experiencing hunger can receive vital food assistance with greater ease and affordability.  Weekly Schedule Here

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2015 Mobile Food Bank Program Statistics:

  • We served 3,569 people in 2015, (17% of Blaine County population) compared to 1,620 people in 2010.
  • On average, nearly 600 hungry children and adults attend a Mobile Food Bank each month.
  • Approximately 172,608 meals were served in 2015. Over 1.1 million meals has been served since 2006.
  • On average, 238 hungry individuals attended a Mobile Food Bank every week, an increase of 19 people weekly from the prior year.
  • An average of 563 food boxes are distributed per month in 2015 .

Volunteering at the Mobile Food Bank has opened my eyes to the most vulnerable families and individuals in our community.  Although the poverty and hunger they experience are real, so is the help that the Hunger Coalition provides. ~  Alice, MFB Volunteer

How The Mobile Food Bank Works ~    The Mobile Food Bank van is loaded with dry/canned goods, fresh produce and other perishable items, and frozen foods by volunteers at our Food Bank Warehouse in Bellevue and driven to the appointed MFB location.  Volunteers set up a “receiving line” where clients select a pre-determined quantity of food items. Personal choice and a welcoming atmosphere are important elements of every Mobile Food Bank distribution.  Clients take home approximately one week’s worth of groceries with which to keep their families and themselves healthy and nourished.

mobile_food_bankWhere the Food  Comes From ~   Your donations of both food and cash gifts are essential.  We have established purchasing partnerships with The Idaho FoodBank and local grocers to leverage the buying power of every donor dollar. Local grocers, local growers, and The Hope Garden account for the welcome fresh produce we are able to distribute.  We rely on the support and generosity of our community to keep local families from experiencing chronic hunger.

How To Receive Help ~ It starts with a phone call or a visit to a Mobile Food Bank distribution.  Make an appointment with our Client Resource Manager, Sharon Dohse, by calling 788-0121 and begin the process of making things more manageable.  Clients receive a Food Card appropriate for the number of people in their family and level of need. Additional resources and guidance are available.

Para Participar en Nuestro Banco de Comida Mobil:

Comunicate con Sharon Dohse at 788-0121 para hacer una cita y recibir una tarjeta para recibir alimentos.

Mobile Food Bank Schedule    Calendario por Banco de Alimentos

Our goal is to move people out of the cycles of hunger and poverty and toward economic stability by providing them with nourishing food and connecting them with a variety of community resources.