June 2017 Newsletter

jeanne_liston_fall3_2016This summer, we’re getting familiar with uncharted territory.

Now that our maps are drawn and our compasses calibrated, we’re launching new programs that defy convention. These programs, while modeled after successful solutions across the country, are unique to Blaine County. 

You’ve been with us as we dare to dream, pioneer solutions, and pilot programs to best address hunger in our community. Everything you have done to help has propelled the solution forward and we’re thrilled to share in the adventure with you. 

This summer, keep an eye out for Bloom Truck, keep an ear out for updates on Bloom Youth interns, and keep stopping by the farm or garden to lend a hand and help a neighbor. Your interest and support make a difference. 

Already, our neighbors are volunteering for veggies with their families. They are filling their plates with fresh, Bloom produce and giving their children a meaningful experience.

And it’s only just begun. 

Your support keeps these innovative new programs in orbit. Please consider making a gift to ensure these programs fulfill our goals and acutely address hunger in Blaine County. 

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With Gratitude,

Jeanne Liston, executive director


The latest field reports from Bloom Community Farm and The Hope Garden are etched in red, white, and green. Radishes, onions, lettuce, asparagus, and spinach already fill the shelves of our food bank while two of our most exciting programs to date, Volunteer for Veggies and Bloom Youth Project, are making a lasting difference in Blaine County.


Volunteer for Veggies provides access to fresh, healthy food for everyone in the community. 

Volunteers take home a share of the farm freshest, nutrient richest, most delicious fruits and veggies around in exchange for their time at Bloom Community Farm or The Hope Garden.

Time on the farm is spent seeding, weeding, and harvesting our growing spaces and we reward all volunteers handsomely with a share of produce fresh out of the ground. The exchange of volunteer service for fresh produce provides hope and empowerment for volunteers.

Interested in learning more? Click here for current volunteer hours


Click to watch Bloom Youth raise the roof on our greenhouse!

The Bloom Youth interns are in step. As their confidence grows and their talents shine, they’re proudly taking ownership of their work. In just over a month, the students have weeded, planted, harvested, made and met some personal and financial goals, topped off a commercial sized greenhouse, and drafted a business plan for the Bloom Mobile Market, which will deliver fresh, affordable produce throughout the community. 

One of the Bloom Youth said her favorite part of the program is, “learning new things that will help me in life, because knowledge is a good trait.” Another intern shared that since the program started, cooking is one of my biggest passions. With support, compassion, and guidance, the sky’s the limit for these remarkable young people.

Bloom Youth Project is a paid internship for local teens with promise that empowers interns to manage food production at Bloom Community Farm and share what they harvest with their neighbors in need.