July 2017 Newsletter

jeanne_liston_fall3_2016Lately, the line at our food bank is a bit shorter. Despite appearances, the hush over our headquarters means something might be working.  

The idea behind our new programs is to move our neighbors out of our food bank lines and into growing spaces where they can harvest food by their own hands to share with their families. There are already signs this change is in motion.

The Bloom Truck and Lunch in the Park have served nearly as many children as we planned to feed by the end of the summerBloom Youth are now leading tours of the farm they were first setting foot on two months ago. At the same time, our Volunteer for Veggies program is redefining access, with over 80 volunteers to date! 

Throughout the community, our summer programs are making food more accessible, more affordable, and more fun.

All of this, because of you. You moved the dial. You refused to stand idly by. You supported change and together, we’ve made a difference. Thank you for your remarkable commitment.

With your continued support, we can grow this momentum. Our summer fundraiser is in full swing and your investment will go twice as far with a generous matching gift of $25,000!

Please consider making a gift to feed more families. 

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With Gratitude,

Jeanne Liston, executive director


Bloom Community Farm, in peak season, is something to behold. Not only is it alive with broccoli, carrots, zucchini, peppers, peas, beets, and greens, it’s alive with an array of community members tending the grounds. People of all ages, experiences, backgrounds, and neighborhoods work side by side, shovel by shovel, making our community a better place for all people. 

The following programs from the field have been wildly popular and impactful. Click here to give to continue to grow these programs.


Bloom Youth Project interns’ Mobile Market is officially open for business! The interns, who have been managing food production at Bloom Community Farmturned their harvest into a business for social good.

The Mobile Market sells deeply discounted Bloom produce in vulnerable neighborhoods each week. In the process, the interns have learned hands on skills they can use in the future, all the while giving back to our community.  

Megan Schooley, garden & youth education supervisor, said, The interns exude pride in their work. They’re proud to share the stories behind the produce they’re selling, how they grew and harvested the food themselves, and share in the excitement of fresh, affordable fruits and veggies with their customers.” 

Bloom Youth Project is a paid internship for local teens with promise that empowers interns to manage food production at Bloom Community Farm and share what they harvest with their neighbors in need. 


Volunteer for Veggies provides access to fresh, healthy food for everyone in the community. 

Volunteers take home a share of the farm freshest, nutrient richest, most delicious fruits and veggies around in exchange for their time at Bloom Community Farm or The Hope Garden.

Time on the farm is spent seeding, weeding, and harvesting our growing spaces and we reward all volunteers with a share of produce fresh out of the ground.

In its first month, over 80 people have volunteered at the farm!

Interested in learning more? Click here for current volunteer hours


Join us for a growing season open house at Bloom Community farm. We’ll celebrate with with tours, good company, and light refreshments. Hope to see you there!