January 2018 Newsletter

Not only am I looking back  on the last year, I’m looking back on the last fifteen. This year marks our fifteenth anniversary as an organization and my, how we’ve grown.  

In fifteen years, you’ve helped us grow from a band-aid, scraping together a few food boxes each month, to a sophisticated movement toward food justice.

Whether it’s in the people we serve, the quality of our programs, or all that springs from The Hope Garden and Bloom Community Farm, our story is defined by growth. Each year, you’ve fed this growth. In fact, in the last quarter of 2017, your generosity helped to accelerate this growth.

The momentum of the last fifteen years made possible a record 2017 where we didn’t simply feed a lot of people, we built community through food. Thinking about how we’ve gotten to this point makes looking ahead that much sweeter. Everything you’ve helped us accomplish to date makes us uniquely positioned to push the envelope this year.

We hope you will join us to kick off the year in support of community with one of the most beloved local events: Empty Bowls.

Your commitment over the years has helped turn the page to such an exciting chapter of our story. Thank you. We look forward to the adventure ahead.

With Gratitude,

Jeanne Liston, Executive Director

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photo courtesy of Jay Graham 

2017 was an exceptionally full year. Bags of fresh harvest were filled at the farm while grocery carts were piled high with a colorful array of every food group. From bags and carts to pots and pans to plates and bowls, community tables were full of wholesome food from The Hunger Coalition. Every plant, every veggie, every meal, and every person who accessed our services was supported by community generosity last year.

Just look at the remarkable numbers recorded in 2017 and imagine what more is possible in the coming year.

Thank you to everyone who supported this record year!