Idaho Gives 2015 Donors

IDG_2015Logo_ColorThank you to everyone who helped make Idaho Gives a success for The Hunger Coalition! YOU raised $13,455 total to support The Summer Food Program! Thank you to Buddy Wilton and Shay Doll for their $5,000 matching grant and also to the Anonymous donor who kept the match going with an additional $1,000 matching grant. One last thank you goes to the Idaho Non Profit Center and Julie Gallagher, whose donation got us a coveted Golden Ticket Award which gave us an extra $500!

What a generous community we live in!




Thank you to our 2015
Idaho Gives Donors!


Buddy Wilton & Shay Doll
Beth & Bob Rohe
Craig Nalen
Elizabeth Brennan
Jami and Alan Lettice
Jim Slanetz
Rebecca J Mongeau
Eleanor Bernacchi
Brenda S Powell
Noel Jensen
Michael Cortese
Clark H. Shafer
Angenie McCleary
Joan H Anderson
Kathryn A Reynolds
Justin Hellmann
Jeanne Ernst Liston
Jane Rizzo
Mary Moore
Mary K Hall
Kathleen Guinn
Cathy S Butterfield
Jani A Sutherland
Anna Rodriguez
Gerald F. Lively
Susan T  Shoch
Beverley Robertson
Sara Gorham
Elizabeth Huish
Mark Lovlien
Susie King
Patricia Lane
Michele Johnson
Rachel Shinn
Brooke Pace McKenna
Dana Morgan
Krista J Felton
Julie Molema
Kristin M. Cassalia
Barbara Hurlbutt
Susan McIlroy
Joanne Wetherell
Liza Weekes
Richard Smooke
Kristen Pendol A Allen
Robert C Root
Jane D Dettwiler
Vanessa Fry
Susan Blair
Ann Nosworthy
Anne Kalik
Naomi Spence
James W Perkins
Heidi Reeves
Brooke Bonner
Julie M. Gallagher
Barbara Corwin
Kathryn Woods
Scott M Slonim
Maud Alison Long
Meghan Faherty
Barbara L Corwin
Janet DeBard