Wish List

Your donation saves precious resources!  Thank you for taking a moment to review our Wish List. If there is anything you can help us to acquire, please give us a call at 788-0121.

For The Food Bank Warehouse:

  • Basic Tools and tool box ~  For general warehouse & office repairs and small projects
  • Two battery-operated wall clocks
  • Office Chair, preferably with wheels
  • Two small rolling carts or shopping carts
  • Bookshelves ~ minimum a 4-shelf unit
  • Camera!  Nothing fancy, a “point & shoot” will get the job done.

For The Hope Garden:

  • Vegetable Seeds ~ carrot, radish, beet & spinach are most welcome!
  • Happy Frog 5-5-5- fertilizer
  • Large planter boxes and/or wine barrel planters
  • Outdoor wall thermometer
  • Large outdoor wall clock
  • Soil probe
  • Free-standing wooden bench swing
  • Free standing patio umbrella
  • Kids’ size garden gloves and garden tools
  • Weathervane for the shed
  • Hand trowels
  • Long handled hoes
  • Large metal garbage can
  • Pickaxe
  • Bicycle tire pump
  • Black plastic landscape weed barrier edging
  • While holiday lights
  • Construction.tools for garden repairs and small projects