Food Rescue

40% of food is WASTED in America.
The Hunger Coalition is committed to reducing food waste!

Our FOOD RESCUE program has three parts:

POTATOESFarm Rescue: Local farmers donate vegetables to us that they can’t sell. Ever see a wonky looking vegetable? Many people overlook those wonky vegetables, but they taste just as good as their perfect counterparts…

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Grocery Rescue. We work with with all the local grocery stores to recover unsold items.

Dates on packages can be confusing… Sell by date? Expiration date? Best by date?  You don’t need to take dates as a hard and fast rule.. Use your nose and common sense. Most dairy is good 7 days beyond the list date.



Fruit Tree Rescue. Many locals can’t keep up with the volume of fruit their trees produce. Our volunteers and Sage School students canvass neighborhoods, collecting excess fruit!  (also known as gleaning)

If you have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in your garden or orchard, consider donating the extra to The Hunger Coalition. Contact Noel to schedule a harvest: 208-788-0121 or

In 2017 you helped bring in over 7,800 pounds of fresh fruit from local trees! Thank you to the hardworking gleaning team who ensures our shelves are filled with fresh fruit throughout the season.