May 2018 Newsletter

Community voices can only drive change if someone is listening. We’ve made a special point to pause and listen this year and what we’ve heard has shaped our world.

We are listening closely and sharing resources so participants can build the community they envision. Not only have folks who access food helped shape our message, advocacy work, and programs, but have begun to lead programs of their own.

Two beautiful examples launched at The Hunger Coalition recently. Teofila Mendoza dreamed of starting a supportive, inclusive women’s group to give local women a space to share, heal, and grow. Teo found this space in Bloom Community Farm and has already led the group in a series of unforgettable or inovidable meetings. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen during our weekly food distributions, participants are taking turns cooking meals to help bridge the community table. And they’ve had to dish up extra helpings because last month we hit another record high – filling 760 grocery carts with healthy food in the month of April. 

While this means the cost to feed our community continues to rise, 66 donors rallied in support of good food for all on Idaho Gives, helping us more than double our goal for the day!

Thank you to everyone who gave. This support is essential as we continue to grow and adapt the solution to hunger for a healthier Blaine County.

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With Gratitude,

Jeanne Liston, Executive Director
*preceding photos by Sun Valley Magazine and Jay Graham


photo courtesy of Shanti LaRue

We are thrilled and humbled to report that you raised a historic $24,100 to advance food justice in Blaine County – which is over double our original goal!

Big thanks to the good food philanthropists who gave to ensure all matching funds were met and everyone in Blaine County has access to good food: The Nalen Family Foundation, Christine Ferguson, Penelope Coe, Laurie Roark, Kristin McMahon, Susan & Arnold Blair, Dede Huish, Elizabeth Brennan, James Feldbaum, Sonia Sommer, Mary Moore, Meghan Faherty, Valdi Pace, Hannah Young, Mary Hall, Denise De Lisser, Dave Keir & Gadrie Edmunds, Nicole St. Germain, Karen Nestor, Julie, Brookie, & Sarah Olsen, Ken & Jill Murray, Jane Dettwiler, Bekka Mongeau, Alan Oliver, Pat Rawlinson, Priscilla Pittiglio, Kathryn Goldman, Gayle Arrowwood, Krista Felton, McNair & Will Bailey, Trudy Dane, Jan Peppler, Mariela Orihuela, Noel Jensen, Susan McIlroy, Joseph & Anna Rodriguez, Julie Molema, Jim Perkins, Beverley Robertson, Gus O’Neill, Pam & Chris Gammon, Tom Iselin, Five Loaves, Susan Robinson, Julie Meineke​, Jon Paris Nicholson​, Debra Masner, Jeremy Fryberger, Joanne Mayhew, Robert Brock & Nina Steffens, Joel & Amy Brazil, Courtney Jelaco, Angenie McCleary, Michele Johnson, Ryan Georgas, Brooke Bonner & Kyle Baysinger, Heidi Schiers, Jeanne Liston, Shannon Allen, Bob and Joanne Ely, and several anonymous donors.

Thank you to everyone who gave and joined the Good Food Community on Idaho Gives. Forward ho!