Bloom Farm: Twine Cutting Ceremony & Appreciation Party

We had an incredible night at the Bloom Farm Twine Cutting Ceremony & Appreciation Party. Our deepest thanks goes out to our volunteers from Wells Fargo bank,  Al McCord of the Wood River Sustainability Center for the best ever rescued vegetable soup, D. L. Evans Bank for your sponsorship, Hal Jardine of the Ram Restaurant at Sun Valley Co. for the amazing appetizers, Sawtooth Brewery for the keg of favorite local beer, Chase Hamilton and S&C Wines for the mighty fine wine, the Hurdy Gurdy Girls and their rowdy strings, Charlotta Harris for capturing the evening in the photos below, Lance Thompson for help parking, the help of Mike McKenna to make the keg come alive, Matt Spence for collecting rocks and hanging signs, the fun and compassionate crowd, and the Bloom team (board and staff) for tying it all together.

Monumental thanks to everyone who had a hand in making the Bloom Community Farm Ribbon Cutting & Appreciation Party wildly successful.

Here’s what the night looked like:

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