April Newsletter 2018

There’s something special about Hunger Coalition volunteers. 

While they may span generations, hometowns, life experiences, and sides of the tracks, everyone shows up for the same reason: to make our community a better place for all people.

Our team of volunteers is the perfect example of what happens when what unites us outshines what divides us. The warmth that radiates between volunteers and participants as they discuss recipes, favorite meals, their children, grandchildren, the antics of their pets, or the current snow pack is contagious. In these moments, our community is at its best. There is no us and them, just we. 

For volunteer appreciation week, we’re celebrating the humble, hardworking, talented, and enthusiastic team of volunteers who keep The Hunger Coalition moving forward. By the numbers, 423 volunteers invest $230,000 in staff time per year. We are teeming with gratitude as we honor their impact.

Thank you to our volunteers and everyone in the Good Food Community who continue to advance the food justice movement with action and compassion. 

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With Gratitude,

Jeanne Liston, Executive Director
*preceding photos by Sun Valley Magazine and Jay Graham


April 15-21 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, so be sure to thank the community volunteers in your life! As The Hunger Coalition celebrates its 15th year, there are some particularly special volunteers to honor. Sixteen local people have been a part of our volunteer family since the start, or very near the start, and continue to dedicate their time, talents, and hearts to ensure that our community thrives.

Join us in thanking and recognizing our 2018 Volunteer Hall of Fame inductees:

  • Susie Alban and Brooke Bonner have been here for fifteen years!
  • Mary Ellen Card, Todd Cavette, Lee Dabney, Tyler Davis Jeffers, L’Anne Gilman, Florence Harvey, Diane Kahm, Gerry Kearns, Sam & Nancy Kennette, Mary Malkmus, Sue Petersen, Pat Rawlinson and Eleanor Ward have all volunteered between 10-14 years!

That’s a collective 200+ years of service!

Rachel Shinn, volunteer and program manager at The Hunger Coalition said, “When I started working at The Hunger Coalition in 2013, I found a sense of community that I hadn’t found anywhere before. I think a lot of people come to help out and stay to be a part of a remarkable family that is so many things: a friend, a garden, a laugh, a meal, an idea, a think tank, a group of hundreds of people who all want to see our community thrive.”

A million times thanks to our incredible volunteers and happy, happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!


Here comes summer! April signals the start of so many exciting opportunities at Bloom Community Farm and The Hope Garden. Volunteer for Veggies, Bloom Youth Project, and a new Women’s Group led by local, Teofila Mendoza, are all kicking off this month.

Enjoy some quick inspiration for what’s to come in this homage to Bloom Community Farm narrated by 2017 Bloom Youth Project intern, Matt. After last season, Matt’s feeling pretty good. He reported, “I’m doing good. Still very tired, still working hard, though I have to say I don’t eat as well as I used to when working at Bloom. My grades are fair, and I’ve been working on a healthier mind and my body. It’s working like a dream, and not only am I feeling better, but I’m less depressed, healthier and looking better. I miss y’all back at The Hunger Coalition, but I’m happy to have moved into a better phase of my life and am going to continue moving down my path to bettering myself.”