Annual Goals

2016 Annual Goals

1. Thrbackpack team Bough Daily Bites, train representatives from a minimum of six different sites outside of the school district to expand our advocacy network. In addition, ensure at least 25 kids have been referred to THC (as reported by site representatives) for additional DSCN2513support.

2. Increase healthy summer meals served to a total of 200 children through our expanded Summer Food Program (Bloom, Lunch in the Park & Summer Camps).

3. Work with partner advocates involved in our Snack Pack Program to increase the total snack packs to 6,250 and number of students enrolled to 225 Food Bank 2014_001students.

4. Ensure 100% of mothers who reach out to us have access to vital nutrition for their infants during the first year of their lives through our Infant Formula Program.

IMG_23385. Provide a minimum of 3,000 pounds of fresh, locally grown food through The Hope Garden to feed the hungry through our food programs.

6. Tour 400 children through The Hope Garden and engage them in Nutrition Education that will teach them where food comes from.

7. Rescue a minimum of 75,000 kathyPrior_lowpounds of food, including locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, through our Food Rescue Program to feed the hungry.

8. Complete Food Box Audit and Client Survey to understand possible gaps in existing food box choices, to ensure we offer the most complete nutritional choices per each family size.

9. Ensure 90% of people who respond to the Annual Nutrition Survey report that the food we distribute meets or exceeds their nutritional needs.