2018 Annual Goals

Photo courtesy of Jay Graham

Big goals are our North Star. Goals help turn our wildest dreams into action to ensure we have a lasting impact on our community.

Building on the momentum from last year, we are poised to help more people than ever through the many layers of the good food community.

We’re excited to share our 2018 goals with you so we can continue on this path together, helping local families and improving our community.

1. Provide Food Access to 17% of Blaine County population or 3,500 people.

2. Engage community members in providing 10,000 Volunteer Hours, keeping our organization efficient and saving close to $240,000 in staff time.

3. Work with partners and schools to provide 25 safe, stigma-free access points of healthy food through our Children’s Food Programs.

4. Provide healthy summer meals served to a total of 275 children through our expanded Summer Food Program (Bloom Truck, Lunch in the Park, & Summer Camps).

5. Ensure 100% of mothers who reach out to us have access to vital nutrition for their infants during the first year of their lives through our Infant Formula Program.

6. Build community through food by engaging at least 200 community members at Bloom Community Farm and The Hope Garden for Volunteer for Veggies.

7. Ensure at least 70% of Bloom Youth Project interns reach their resiliency goal.

8. Engage at least 200 youth and adults in fundamental Nutrition Education that will improve long-term health through nutritious, affordable eating.

9. Rescue a minimum of 75,000 pounds of food through our Food Rescue Program to maximize community resources.

10. Establish a Good Food Fund to which donors may contribute.

11. Engage patrons in 12 Monthly Questionnaires to shape program development and identify advocacy opportunities.

12. Become a Cooking Matters first satellite partner in Idaho and train three community partners to facilitate Cooking Matters and Cooking Matters at the store.

13. Draft a set of Hiring Practices with the aim of diversifying staff to better reflect our community.

14. Conduct a deep audit of our Case Management process to better support community members, including 100% of staff, a minimum of 14 partners and at least 40 patrons.

To review where we landed with our goals from 2017, click here.